Family introduction: Cousland

Edward Cousland is 61, Jospehine Cousland is 23


It’s the first time in her life that she’s living in a rented flat in a decent-but-not-fancy area and while she had struggled like crazy in the beginning, she’s almost starting to enjoy it, this life.


If it weren’t for the problems she encounters, she’d even say she prefers it over moving around between cocktail parties and social events in the socialite neighbourhoods of Veronaville, parrying old family feuds and recent debacles while trying to maintain her plesant smile and not get any stains on her skirt. Of course, back then she had money. And connections. Doing what she dreams of doing – studying to become a chef, make a name for herself in the world of restaurants and fame – had been a piece of cake then, with her father’s fortune to support her and his well-established network of people to guide her and hook her up with other powerful people.


But since dad lost his family fortune through a series of horrible investments they’re here, stuck in a shared home with other people not rich enough to own their own living quarters.


Somehow she feels more motivated now, though. It’s like her dad’s failure has rubbed off on her spirit and makes her want to be certain never to repeat it so she studies, much more than she could have imagined herself ever doing. In the mornings, in the afternoon, late at night.

She’s not certain what to make her of father these days, though. He’s lost something more than his job, that much is true and he seems to compensate for it by becoming someone other than the man who raised her. Once, he would have been back on his feet a week after a disaster, trying to wade through the damage done and make some attempt at salvaging scraps of his self-worth there in the rubble.

Now he seems almost content doing nothing. He’s watching telly, he’s dating a couple of women (after more then 15 years of not dating anyone at all, this is a strange change as well) and acting like he’s some regular kind of retired businessman.


So it seems to be up to Josie to make some changes to their situation in Barchester. And even if she’ll have to argue her way through a whole stupid town full of annoying people in ugly tweed jackets, she knows she will make it.

One way or another.


2 thoughts on “Family introduction: Cousland

  1. I can sort of imagine it might be almost a relief to Edward when he lost his job. He obviously worked pretty hard at one point and now he has no one to answer to but himself. I wonder how long he’ll be content with that though.

    I’m with Josephine on the ugly tweed jackets, lol!

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