Family introduction: Wester

Moe Wester-Lindh is 34, Martha Wester is 39, Juno Wester is 9, August Wester is 7, Atticus Wester is 5


They had returned to Barchester to take over Martha’s heritage – an old bakery that’s been in her family for generations. Their family, Moe reminds herself. Barchester doesn’t feel like her home, though. She’s a city girl, born and raised in the busy streets of Sim City and this is a city, but it’s not particularly urban. It’s more of an old university town where you only count if your family has been attending the university for generations.


Or served them pie, Marta jokes.


Moe is fairly certain they can make it feel like home, though. It’s what they usually do. The kids had been surprisingly okay with the change of scenery as well even if Juno had cried a little over the friends she’d now only see online. She’ll make new ones in time.

Their youngest, Atticus, will start school this fall and for him the move has been easiest, Moe wagers. He’s content as long as Juno and August are around, teasing him and dragging him along on their adventures.


Running a bakery, however, isn’t exactly something they’re naturally talented at. Not even Martha who grew up with pies and cinnamon rolls can claim to be a star in this particular field and while she’s been a chef for as long as Moe has known her, she’s never managed something of this scale.


She claims it’s a fun and much-needed challenge and Moe knows she craves those every once in a while. Going for a third child had been the last challenge and that was six years ago now so she supposes it’s time for a new thing.


It’s funny how Martha always manages to make anything seem so much fun, even giving up a half-decent design career in Sim City to move to Barchester and become the co-owner of a little bakery and café.


They’ll be fine. She thinks.


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