Family introduction: Smith

Michael Smith is 35

Michael is bored.


He’s been bored for as long as he can remember, bored through his teens and twenties and now when he’s in his mid 30’s and his life looks pretty much the same as it always has, he’s bored out of his skull. He dreams of a life full of changes and readjustments but instead he’s stuck here in a damp old flat in the crappiest parts of Barchester where he was born and raised. Not that he’s a man who’d claim to know much about the deeper meaning of life, but surely it has got to be something more than this?


If his mother had been alive she would suggest getting married, he knows. His father would have suggested moving out of ‘this blasted town’. Michael doesn’t even know what he wants, what he’s good at. Nothing, according to his long experience of being unemployed and bored. Chatting up women, perhaps. You can’t make a career out of that but he’d have to say it’s something he at least feels comfortable doing.


Even women who don’t typically like men like him tolerate him enough to be polite about it. Usually, at least.


Aside from that, though, he’s pretty clueless about what he’d like “his future to hold” as the annoying people would put it.

He has no hopes of Barchester being able to enlighten him either, but he’s got no idea what else to do so he’ll remain here, waiting.

* That rounds up the introductions. I’ve forgotten what it was like to play the Sims when the loading times are 2 minutes instead of half an hour which in turn motivates me to play much more often. Now I just want to get immersed in my new hood. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Family introduction: Smith

  1. Michael might be bored but as a player and a reader, I see him as like a blank slate. You could go absolutely anywhere with him from here and it should be very interesting to see what he gets up to.

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