Don’t want to miss a thing

Spring 4002
family introduction | next update
Martha Wester is 40, Moe Wester-Lindh is 35, Juno Wester is 10, August Wester is 8, Atticus Wester is 6

Twelve years ago, Martha wouldn’t have guessed her life could ever turn out like this.

She’d been an urban party girl then, on the run from Barchester and her boring narrow-minded parents with their old-fashioned bakery that they wanted her to inherit.

Then, one late night after a pub crawl in the dodgy parts of the city, she had met Moe on the subway back home to the flat she shared with a couple of friends. Both had been drunk and silly and exchanged phone numbers mostly on a dare because who does that, anyway?

But they did. And the following morning Martha woke up to a text: Need to see you to check if you’re as pretty as I remember from last night. /Moe. 


The rest, as they say, is history.


They have really busy schedules this spring, all of them. The kids are all in school and Moe has a part-time position as an art teacher – not ideal when they have the bakery but Martha can hardly expect her to give up all of her life to help her run it.


Some days she truly regrets taking over it in the first place. Some nights when she is working so late she misses dinner with her family and Moe has to help all three children with their homework because Martha is stuck at the bakery, doing chores that would be much simpler if she had any idea about matters such as accounting.


For the last few years of their lives, her parents had been too old to do much with their business so in many ways, it’s like starting over. New inventory, new paint on the walls, new opening hours. Martha intends to close much earlier in a few months, but for now, keeping the place open late into the evenings seems to be good for business and right now it’s all about building up a reputation.


Sundays and Mondays, though, she keeps her shop closed and her focus is entirely on the kids.

They visit the new waterpark in Barchester one sunny afternoon – something that Atticus has been nagging about forever. Juno claims everyone has already been here so nothing new under the sun, but she still tags along and August loves water, so he’s been talking about nothing else for a few days.


They manage to avoid the crowds by arriving pretty late and it seems like a good thing, because the place is huge and would probably be too chaotic if full.


With so few visitors even Martha feels free to check out the fun rides in the childrens’ section.


Atticus dares to use the trampoline after some consideration and Martha knows he’ll be talking about this for the rest of the season.


Overall, the adjustment to Barchester has exceeded their expectations. The kids seem happy here and they have found new friends.


For all her desire to get out of Barchester, Martha has to admit that her childhood here had been very good and safe and it’s something she’s eager to give to her own children as well.


That, and a good start in life when it comes to their education. They might not be able to afford much saving for the kids, at least not right now, but they both try their hardest to ensure that all three of them study hard and behave well.


Not always an easy task but overall they have nice, friendly little people living under their roof.


* Downloaded that Aquapark (not that I think anyone would ever suspect that I had built it, LOL, I’m pretty infamous for only ever building boxes with windows) and it’s AMAZING.

* Since I play with Ultimate Collection now the game feels strange. The UC installed itself in my own language so I scratch my head at times, wondering what I’m clicking. 😀 Have played the Sims in English for as long as I can remember. 


4 thoughts on “Don’t want to miss a thing

  1. How ironic you are so used to playing Sims in English but finally now have it in your own language and it feels weird!

    I was thinking that Aquapark looked AMAZING! That’s really neat, and a great way to spend a fun day with the kids.

    Martha’s backstory (and Moe’s) is really cool, especially how she’s back where she never imagined, but on her own terms. They have a lovely family (mostly nice friendly people, lol). It is hard work running a bakery in Sims 2, I remember well the long days for my sims.

  2. I was also admiring the Aquapark! I’m glad the family enjoyed it. Looks like a great day.

    Bakeries really are tough. It’s really no wonder Martha is feeling a bit overwhelmed with it and wondering if she’s made the right decision. But hey, in a couple of years, she can rope Juno into helping out after school, maybe?

  3. Great update! Yours is the first sim blog I’m really following from the. Dry beginning and I’m really enjoying it!

  4. Nice seeing this family, and them opening up their business, soon Juno can lend a hand too. It was nice seeing how they found one another, and the family life they have now. The Aquapark looks great, and too funny on sims being in your own language and throwing you for a loop. Your English is so well that I never knew or even suspected that it wasn’t your first language. I’m always beyond impressed by those that blog in a different language than their native, my French never got that great.

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