She’s having my baby (Summer 4002)


Cindy Cox is due in late September and has begun to adjust to the change in her life.


After a long, tired first trimester Cindy has begun to feel better and ready to enjoy the last few months before they get to meet their new baby.


Eric deals with his nerves by taking extra shifts at his new job as a security guard, working late and early and everything in between in order to bring more money into the household.


It’s Cindy’s second child but the first time she’s having all of this: preparations, expectations and most of all – someone to share it with.


8 thoughts on “She’s having my baby (Summer 4002)

  1. This is obviously going to be a very different experience for Cindy and a brand new experience for Eric. Hope to see them both rising to the occasion!

  2. That last photo is really sweet, Cindy is beginning to look excited about the new baby. I’ll be curious how their family dynamic is once the baby arrives.

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