She’s having my baby (Autumn 4002)


Cindy Cox isn’t the only one who’s expecting this year in Barchester.


Edward and Ada Cousland got married during the summer. Since neither of them wished for a dramatic wedding with lots of guests they took care of the matter in private.


Not too long after the ceremony Ada started to feel the first signs of pregnancy.


They were both thrilled to find out that they are expecting their first child in April.




In October, Cindy Cox and Eric Johanson welcome their first child together – little Janessa Cox.


It’s different for Cindy this time around, but even so she can’t help but worry about money and work, about making ends meet and how to juggle the relationship with Janessa’s father.


Their baby girl is adorable, however, and it makes up for a lot of things. At least for now.

* I’m thrilled for Edward and Ada’s baby, I downloaded her and can’t wait to see how her genetics translate. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “She’s having my baby (Autumn 4002)

  1. Aw, a baby sister for Jean! Can’t wait to see how Cindy and Eric cope with the new change in their life.

    And first babies are always the most exciting, seeing the genetic mix is still a total mystery, so I can’t wait to see what Edward and Ada’s child looks like too.

  2. Jean and Janessa, very cute names for two sisters. I am super excited that they had a girl, I’m hoping that Jean and Janessa can become close sisters. And I am totally not surprised that Ava is having a baby, she looks great pregnant with that cute baby bump! Curious on Josephine’s thoughts on this…

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