Let’s stay together

Winter 4002
family introduction | next update
Benjamin Dalisay is 37, Mireia Dalisay is 14 (Petra Hyttnäs is 29)

It seems like a really long winter this year.

Perhaps it’s because he feels anxious for much of it – restless, in his bones, like there’s something he needs to do elsewhere but he can’t quite figure out what.

He’s not used to that feeling. But lately he’s come to realise that he’s not exactly satisfied with his life, either. It’s the fact that he approaches 40, he supposes. People go crazy at 40. All his social media is chock-full of people running marathons, people having their third or fourth child, people getting a divorce or a promotion.


Miri aside, Ben hasn’t got much to boast about.


Not that having things to boast about is the mening of life, but it does help sometimes. If nothing else it’s at least informative to find out what you’d like to boast about, he thinks. In his case he’d like to have a wife and a couple of children. Perhaps a better job than the one he currently has – an assistant at a law firm.


There’s a big debacle at work right around Christmas and Ben can’t help but let the lawyers know what he thinks. Big mistake, of course. It usually is. He’s accused of “trying to interfere” and demoted on the spot which means even less interesting cases and even more meaningless paperwork down at the reception.


He’s really happy he has met Petra, however. Dating her is the brightest spot this winter.


She had been a waitress at the law firm’s annual summer gala last year and he had liked her immediately. So much, in fact, that he had asked her out by the end of the evening and she had agreed.

They went to another summer gala together the following week and he had felt great walking into the fancy halls with her by his side.


She’s a simple girl – funny, down-to-earth, uncomplicated – and they’ve been dating for quite some time now.


He loves talking to her, loves discussing the future with her as well. She’s studying to become a paramedic and works as a waitress to make a living and he gathers that they might share the same ideals for what’s important in life. Family first, career a distant second.


Petra wants to have kids – he asks her during one of their first dates which he realises might seem odd and scary but she doesn’t seem to think so. She wants to get married and she wants a quiet, simple life.


Ben has begun to feel more and more alone as Miri grows older. She’s always been independent but these days she’s just such a pre-adult that it scares him sometimes.

She’s a hard-working student who wants to earn enough scholarships to be able to get into college and in her free time she usually works on her art or reads or – as of late – work.


She’s got herself a position down at the city hall where she helps out with polls and paperwork for the upcoming elections and while it appears to be very tedious, hard work, she appreciates it. Feels good to buy a cell phone with money she’s earned herself, he suspects.


Almost on a whim he asks Petra to move in with them.

It’s silly and likely not according to any rule book when it comes to relationships, but he asks her anyway and to his surprise she says yes.


His landlord throws them a party to celebrate, which is even weirder, but it’s a very low-key gathering and a nice gesture. Petra seems to think so as well even if he can tell she’s a bit overwhelmed by it all.


He’s so happy to begin a new life with her – so happy in fact that he has to restrain himself from wanting it all right now. She’s a bit younger and probably doesn’t feel the biological clock tick away with quite the same fervor as Ben does so he tries not to shove it in her face too much.


But it doesn’t stop him from proposing, however.


And to his great relief, she says yes.


* Petra is a family sim but has rolled no wants for engagement, marriage or babies. (She wants a pet, LOL.) Ben on the other hand had a baby want before they even got engaged. Love that and will work it into the story. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Let’s stay together

  1. Mireia is quite an achiever! And I really like Petra, not just the red hair. She’s got a really down-to-earth look about her, just like you said.

    Your sims’ skintones, hair, and just the look of the photos is so polished and pleasant to look at.

  2. Well, go Ben! The guy obviously knows what he wants. I wonder what Miri will think of these developments, if she’s home long enough to notice them. 😉 She’s a busy girl!

  3. Ben knew what he wanted, and got right to it! I’m glad that Petra has been receptive to him and seems to enjoy him just as much. I’m not surprised he wanted to get started on that babymaking process, he is getting closer to 40, and might like to still have a bit of youth while he chases around a toddler. He’s done good by Mireia, she seems quite motivated and a strong young lady. I’m expecting she will do well when she is in college, and now Ben won’t be alone then.

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