She’s having my baby (Spring 4003)


Recently married couple Edward and Ada Cousland have been waiting impatiently for their baby for months now.

It’s been a long pregnancy and Ada is more than ready to finally become a mother.


They welcome their daughter Kirsten early one morning after a night of labour.


She has her mother’s face and steals her father’s heart right from the very moment she first opens her eyes.


The Couslands also have another, much less expected pregnancy. Josephine found out that she’s pregnant very late ย – too late to do anything about it – and is due in the beginning of October.

She’s been through all the emotions since the discovery and settled, somewhat at least, onย a stubborn determination to handle this on her own. The potential fathers are informed, but she doesn’t want their help.


It’s a strange, unfamiliar thing to suddenly be responsible for but in a way she feels like it’s a challenge and she welcomes challanges.


Cindy Cox didn’t even think she could fall pregnant again so soon after giving birth to her daughter Janessa, but nature proved her wrong.


She is due in November and both she and her husband Eric are very happy and impatient to meet another baby.


* I hadn’t checked the settings for the apartment lot where Josephine, Michael and Josephine’s lover Dennis all live. Also, I didn’t know I even had silent pregnancy activated so this was truly a surprise for Josie and me both. ๐Ÿ˜€

* Cindy and Eric are on birth control now because dammit they can’t add more people to this house. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am hoping for a boy, this time around.


4 thoughts on “She’s having my baby (Spring 4003)

  1. Wow, what a baby boom!! Four babies in the first what, three rounds?

    That seems a bit unfair of Josie! I don’t mean that she has to get married or even date the father, but surely he should have the right to be involved if he wants to be. Hope she’ll come around if whichever one it is wants a relationship with his child.

  2. Ada looks so cute with her huge baby bump under that sweater. Welcome, Little Kirsten!

    I love silent pregnancy, that’s how I played Sims 2, and Josephine’s pregnancy is certainly a surprise, but I think Cindy’s was the real surprise to me, so soon after Janessa.

    I feel like Josephine’s decision for this baby to just be hers reflects the way she felt about the relationship with the potential fathers. I do wonder what will happen eventually, how their story will develop.

  3. Yay, welcome Kirsten! And whoa, another baby already for Cindy and Eric!

    Do you know who the dad is with Josephine’s baby? I’m too much of a control freak for silent pregnancy, so I have no idea how people usually play out these things!

  4. Kirsten, what a sweet name, excited that she seems to have her Mom’s face, and whoa! I did not expect Josephine to wind up pregnant, I hope we get to find out who the Dad is, and see if he will take responsibility. Man…. it’s too bad she wasn’t with an Eric, I’m surprised they are having another one so quickly, but then I can see Eric really enjoying the kids close in age too.

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