The trouble with grown-ups

Autumn 4003
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Benjamin Dalisay is 38, Petra Dalisay is 30, Mireia Dalisay is 15


Their lives had been exactly the same forever before they came to Barchester, and then lots of things happened at once.


Mireia has suspected that her dad has felt lonely for ages now but it’s still a little bit of a surprise to find out that he’s been so lonely that he’s met a woman, asked her to move in and then gone and married her in just a year or so. Almost two, dad says when she asks him so she supposes he, too, feels that it’s all a bit rushed.

Or maybe it isn’t. She doesn’t really know.


She’s got a lot of things going on in her own life, so it’s not like she sits around counting or paying attention to her dad’s personal affairs.

She likes Petra well enough. She’s pretty cool and doesn’t pretend to be Mireia’s mother, which is one of those things she had been a little worried about beforehand, when her dad told her he was seeing someone and was serious about her.

One escaped mother is enough, she doesn’t need a new one.


But Petra doesn’t try to be one, so they’re cool.


And it is pretty nice to have two grown-ups around after school sometimes. Someone rummaging around in the kitchen or watching telly, making all these family noises.

They’ve moved in the past few months, as well. Her dad and Petra had combined their savings and managed to buy a small house in the same neighbourhood as they were living in before. Still the crappier side of Barchester, but she knows dad is thrilled to be a homeowner now.


He’s pretty damn thrilled about being married, too, she wagers.

Because yeah, they got married some weeks ago. Like, super fast. Mireia had barely wrapped her mind around the fact that they were engaged before her dad dragged her with them to a shop to pick out a dress for the ceremony.


As though it would matter what anyone but the bride wears to a wedding.

But it had been a nice day, even if Mireia had woken up with disgusting zits all over her forehead and then dad had told her to not “be such a baby” about it, which had made her angry with him for the rest of the day.


One evening as they’re watching a silly soap opera that Petra claims she likes and Mireia has always secretly loved, Petra tells her that she’s pregnant.

That makes the wedding seem less rushed and Mireia isn’t sure what to think or feel.


Her dad is very happy, though, so she settles for being the same.


They ask her to help with putting up wallpapers in the nursery so she does, even if it takes forever and dad screws up a couple of times so they have to tear down and start over.

But in the end it looks pretty nice.


Her own love life isn’t really a love life, per se.

Her dad may claim she’s too young for it anyway but she isn’t. It’s just that every time she tries to develop a crush on someone it ends up falling flat because the person is dull or too loud or wears horrible clothes or something.

Vincent has just moved into a flat downtown with his dads and his sister and Mireia knows just from looking at him that he’s going to be one of the cool guys in school. She’s not exactly one of the cool girls but she’s cool enough to befriend him, at least.


They hang out every now and then after school when she isn’t busy with her part-time job, but she can’t say that she’s in love with him or anything.

He’s good-looking and she knows that’s kind of important, but he’s just so boring. And that is kind of important, too.


Either way, she figures she’ll have time for dating later. In just a few years she’ll be off to university if she can manage her grades and maybe apply for some more scholarships. She just knows that’s going to be a brilliant experience.


* Bonus pics from the house to follow. It’s my remake of one of Apple Valley’s fantastic lots (seriously, I love them all and they are always the perfect size for me – I hate large lots and I don’t want lots of space) and I wanted to give it a slightly older feel. Ben and Petra are both people that prefer darker colours and wood over modern styles, so I think this suits them really well. It’s a WIP because they ran out of money. 😀



3 thoughts on “The trouble with grown-ups

  1. Love the house, especially Mireia’s room!

    This has all been a time of so many changed for Mireia and I think she’s coping with them a lot better than other kids her age might. She seems quite level-headed, considering.

  2. I like the indecisiveness of her voice and the honest and naive confusion of it all. So truthful, since teens don’t have it all together but she’s so laid back about having it all together. Love what you did with the house, that lot is one of my favorites. I’ll have to either make you a custom lot or design a lot using your sims/hood as inspiration. (If you want a custom lot, that’s cool too, just email me starrsim at yahoo dot com)

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