Here comes the sun

Spring 4004
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Martha Wester is 42, Moe Wester-Lindh is 37, Juno Wester is 12, August Wester is 10, Atticus Wester is 8


Her parents are pretty cool in some ways but in other ways they’re just so embarrassing.

Like when it comes to Moe’s hairstyle. Who has that kind of hair when they’re old? Juno just wants her to drag a hat down over it or something when they’re out together because people stare and Juno doesn’t want to be stared at.


Like when it comes to computer time.

Martha is obsessed with scheduling their computer time.


Juno thinks it’s mostly because her mom sucks at the Internet and doesn’t understand what it does – she seems to think it’s like jumping into a pool of sharks, or like if Juno is going to send a message to her friends at school but then suddenly everyone can read it and track it down and stand outside their house and… do what, exactly? Like, sure, people can read your stuff. But what are they going to do with that? Really?

She doesn’t believe for one second that the reason they only have one measly laptop for five people to share is money, either. If her mothers wanted to buy another one, they would.


But since they’re lame, they all have to share and Juno can’t even be online at all most of the time because her brothers are going to play stupid games or look stuff up for their homework.


Other than that, though, her parents are okay. She likes painting with Moe, for example.


And Martha is pretty funny, if you’re in the right mood.


Juno likes that her brothers are growing older because it means they spend less time doing silly pranks and stealing her stuff and more time doing things on their own.

August is best friends with Jean Cox who goes to school with him. They’re the same age and will be starting high school together in a few years. Juno is pretty sure he has a crush on her, too, but she doesn’t tease him about it. Not much, at least.


Atti is still a baby, though – he is pretty spoiled and used to everyone doing things for him. He can read but he still prefers not to. And he’s often too damn cute for Juno not to agree when he asks.


Since her parents consider her big enough now, Martha has begun to introduce her to the bakery. Like, how to run it and stuff. Juno has hanged out here since they first moved here but she hasn’t been helping out with anything until now.


Sometimes it’s just being an extra pair of eyes if it’s a busy Saturday or something. Then Juno tends to the coffee bar, just in case anyone wants to buy anything from it. They usually don’t because people often just buy take away.


But she much prefers doing the inventory because that’s a real job.


She feels important, walking around there taking notes of what needs to be replaced. The hours just fly by when they work like that, Juno helping out and mum serving customers and making phone calls.


When it’s really busy, Juno even gets to answer some questions and that’s fun but pretty scary, too.


She really doesn’t like being the cashier, though. That’s only scary, not even the slightest bit fun.


Plus, she really sucks at it and the line just grows and grows.


When she mentions it to mum she promises Juno won’t have to do it again, not until she feels like she’s ready for another try.

Juno can’t see it happening again any time soon, that’s for sure.


4 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. I like Juno. She seems like a down-to-earth girl, and maybe a businessowner in the making too, the way she’s handling that clipboard! That butterfly top is so cute, do you remember where you got it from?

  2. Oh, I remember the days of sharing a computer! I somehow managed to hog it most of the time anyway but I don’t think my parents monitored the computer as closely as Juno’s parents seem to. 🙂

    I was wondering if we’d see Juno helping out at the bakery! It’s good experience for her, even if she doesn’t even up doing anything like it as a career when she grows up. Just getting out there in the workforce is a valuable thing.

  3. Juno is a riot! Totally lame parents, one laptop, forced to share! Embarrassed by her Mom’s hairstyle! Oh to be a teen. I am with her on the cash register for the first time though, especially during a rush with a giant line of customers. She needs to start that on a slow evening, and then she will feel accomplished when she’s tackled it. She looked pretty special and important restocking with that notebook. Totally cute! Love that Atticus is a typical youngest sibling, getting his way, and charming his big sister with his cuteness!

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