Another chance at life

Summer 4004
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Edward Cousland is 64, Ada Cousland is 35, Kirsten Cousland is 1

If there’s one thing he regrets from his previous life, the one with all the money and expensive belongings, it’s the fact that he wasn’t really there for Josephine when she was a baby.

With another chance at family life he finds that he embraces it wholeheartedly. Everything about it: early mornings, late nights, toddler tantrums and the making of baby foods that end up mostly on the floor. He appreciates it and feels humbled to be part of it again.

Ada had confessed early on, when Kirsten was just a few weeks old, that she wants them to have another baby as soon as possible. She feels old, he knows. He, on the other hand, is old and wants to have as many years as possible with his family so he’s definitely on board with her wishes in that aspect.


Ada is a wonderful mother, like expected, patient and enthusiastic. They may be an odd couple and people might consider him crazy for starting over this late in life but all his doubts vanish whenever he watches his wife and daughter together.


They have a great life, make a great little family of three.


Since Ada’s maternity leave ended it’s just been Ed and Kirsten during the days and they’re doing fine on their own. He had forgotten how much fun it can be to play with and discover the world through the eyes of a child.


They often have visitors, too – Josie and Imogen and Josie’s friend and recent flatmate Helmer. As thrilled as Edward is to meet his grandchild he could do without the company of Helmer.

There’s nothing wrong with him, per se, it’s just that he seems odd. And without ambitions. And Edward can tell by the way the guy looks at his daughter that his intentions aren’t merely friendship there, not by a long shot.


He’s certainly nice, he can admit that. And he supposes his daughter deserves nice. But she also deserves something more.

Helmer claims his landlord threw him out and this is the reason he’s not residing with Josephine. Edward isn’t sure he’s believing him.


He tells them that Josephine can move in with them, if she needs help to pay the bills and take care of Imogen. They have a spare room and everything. That would leave Helmer subletting the flat and according to Edward, this is the perfect solution.

According to Josephine, however, this is meddling and she won’t have it.


Edward drops the subject – at least for now – because he can really do without being subjected to Josephine’s anger.


Besides, he doesn’t want to interfere in a way that might mean he won’t get to see his grandkid. Imogen has him wrapped around her tiny little finger already, that’s for certain.


Ada, too, convinces him he needs to let Josephine sort out her own life. She claims it’s almost insulting to interfere with your grown up child’s life choices and Edward is willing to believe Ada is right about that. Still, it hurts a little not to be able to hand financial help at the very least but he can’t do that – they don’t own this home, not yet, they’re still paying off the loan Ada took before they even met. All he can manage is to look into various kinds of benefits that his daughter might qualify for now that she’s a mother and he decides to do so without talking much about it.


4 thoughts on “Another chance at life

  1. Aw, it’s so sweet to see Edward and Ada with their wee one ❤

    Let's hope Helmer doesn't turn out to be a mooch!

    It's funny, Even though helmer is a Swedish name it just makes me think of an ikea chest of drawers.

  2. Nothing like perspective on how quickly they grow up to make you treasure your children and (I imagine) grandchildren’s childhoods. Edward is such a great dad and granddad now. I like how he’s suspicious of Helmer, but cautious about butting in. It’s very cute.

  3. Aw, I like this new perspective on life Edward has gained by having Kirsten. Losing his fortune might be the best thing that ever happened to him.

    I can definitely see why he’s worried about Helmer moving in with Josephine. I guess we’ll see what his intentions truly are with time. Hopefully Josephine can handle rejecting anything she’s not comfortable with.

  4. Edward seems very sweet, he’s learned some hard lessons in life, and has embraced the change; I really admire that in him. I however, do not enjoy Helmer all that much, I’m with Edward on that! Josephine can do much better!

    I love that Edward and Ada are on board for having another baby, and seeing him play on the floor with Kirsten was very sweet.

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