What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4004)


Imogen Cousland celebrates her first birthday this fall.


She lives with her mother and has so far never met her father but the older she becomes, the more apparent her father’s genes becomes. At this point, there is no doubt that Dennis is her father.


She’s a happy, healthy child and loves her toys almost as much as she loves her mommy.



Finally she’s here!


In the middle of the night, Benjamin and Petra’s first child together is born. They have long since decided on names for both genders and since she’s a girl she is given the name Amara.


3 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4004)

  1. Oh boy Imogen looks totally like Dennis, I was thinking in her newborn announcement that she might be Dennis’ because her eyes were so dark and Michael’s never looked that dark. I’m surprised that Michael and Dennis haven’t met her yet, I would have expected them to be banging on her door just to have answers on paternity as soon as they heard her crying through the walls.

    Amara is a pretty name! Congrats to Benjamin and Petra!

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