I choose you

Autumn 4004
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Kent Hansen is 48, Clara Hiller is 31


The day before their wedding is just like any other day and yet somehow it’s not.


They wake up slowly together, bit by bit.

Since they’ve both taken time off from work there are no obligations today, no rush to get anywhere so they have breakfast for a long time, no rush, just talking about what’s going to happen tomorrow.


Kent had asked her a while ago if she wanted a bigger wedding – a proper one, with fifty guests and a reception.


He knows her well enough to know the answer would be no, Clara gathers, but she likes that he’s asking all the same.


She doesn’t feel particularly nervous about getting married. She even gets a few pages written on her novel that’s been evolving over the past year or so  – that has been in the making ever since she escaped the farmer’s life on the Hiller Farm, to be honest.


When Kent returns from work they go down to the city for some coffee and a salad.


Later they seek out a small place where their favourite band plays and spends a few hours just enjoying the music and dancing with each other.


The double income, no kids-lifestyle, she thinks to herself and it makes her smile a little even if they’re actively working on that no kids part. Have been for quite some time now.

It’s a quiet worry at the back of her mind but she pushes it away because they’re getting married tomorrow and that’s the heart of it.

The ceremony is simple enough. Held in their garden – she hadn’t wanted a big wedding, she doesn’t know enough people in Barchester for it to feel sensible and Kent is not a flashy guy either.


When they make their promises, she doesn’t even notice anyone else.


It’s a big deal for her, getting married. She had almost started to think she would never get around to do it, not because she’s too old or anything but because the longer you’ve been single, the less likely it appears for you to find someone, as though the odds change over the years.


But she’s happy she met Kent, it has changed her life and she had wanted that change.

“Congrats,” Thom says as he hugs her right after she becomes Mrs Hansen. “Guess you got out of the Hiller Farm for good, huh?”

She laughs softly into his shoulder. “Guess I did.”


Most of the guests are Kent’s friends – Eric Cox and his lovely wife, Sarah and her boyfriend Michael. And Thom and Kiera, of course. A small gathering of people but it’s enough, Clara thinks. It’s enough.


They toast to a bright and happy future and she just knows that it’s going to be exactly that.


Bright and happy.


Bonus pics from the wedding and from Mr and Mrs Hansen’s home:


* Another round over, I can’t believe it. (Well, actually I was home from work because my kid gave me a nasty stomach flu as a thoughtful gift and I had to spend 48 hours not leaving the house once I had recovered. So I can believe it. :D)


7 thoughts on “I choose you

  1. Lovely read, loved the wedding dress and wedding. Kids eh give you lots of of nasty medical things. But give you lots of love too.

  2. Gorgeous wedding! It seemed pretty perfect for the kind of couple they are and you can’t ask for more than that. Thom looked like such a proud brother in the third picture at the ceremony. 🙂 Loved taking a peek at their house too.

    Hope you’re feeling better now!

  3. Yikes on the stomach flu, kids are great about sharing those germs! Bright side that you were able to play the game, and woot for another round finished! You are seriously blowing these out of the park!

    This was a nice wedding ceremony, quiet and intimate. Hopefully Clara can find some friends of her own, and have the baby that she wants. I was surprised at how much older Kent was than her. Their home is lovely, and now it’s Thom’s turn to get married.

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