What a day for a birthday (Winter 4005)

Winter 4005


Joshua Cox, Cindy and Eric’s second child together, turns one this winter and his birthday kicks off a new round.

Like his sister Janessa he looks a lot like his mother though there’s a lot of his father in his features as well.


He’s been a lot more fussy than his older sister and his parents are happy the first trying year has now come to an end.




Ada and Edward Cousland are also looking forward to meet a brother or a sister for their daughter Kirsten. Ada already hopes for yet another child in the future whereas Edward feels that they’ve completed their family now that baby number two will be with them soon.


Ada is due in early spring.


* Joshua is killing me with the cute.

* I’m definitely not going to let this baby boom be a general thing, but for now I enjoy the ride because sim babies are fun. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Winter 4005)

  1. Oh my gosh, how cute are Joshua and Janessa together! This is exactly the time in your hood that you can enjoy a baby boom and not freak out about overpopulation – so I say go for it!

  2. I love baby booms, and there are many good reasons for the couples to be having their babies too, so it’s not out of control in the least! I’m excited for Kirsten’s new brother or sister to join the scene in the spring. And oh my goodness! Joshua is a total doll! He makes me want them to have more and more babies! How cute is he!! Ah, too sweet!!

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