What a day for a birthday (Spring/Summer 4005)


Amara Dalisay celebrates her first birthday this summer!

She looks a lot like her dad but you can most definitely see traces of her mum there too.


Ada and Edward Cousland had wanted a second child quickly after their first – Kirsten – was born and nature has agreed with them.


This spring they welcome their second daughter to the family.


She has her mother’s colours, just like her sister. After some consideration – they had been sure it was a boy, this time – they decide to give her the name Evelyn.


Not every couple has an easy time conceiving and Clara and Kent have been trying for quite some time now with no result. Finally they got an appointment at the fertility centre down at Barchester hospital to get an examination and some consultation.


After a few pretty horrid weeks of hormone treatment, they receive what they’ve been waiting for: a positive pregnancy test.

And not only that, they discover at their first ultrasound – Clara carry twins!


She’s due in September and both Clara and Kent are thrilled beyond belief.



4 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Spring/Summer 4005)

  1. Yay for more babies! How exciting for Clara and Kent to be having twins, I wonder if they will go through the treatments again or call it a day. Amara is adorable, I totally see her Dad in her, and yay for baby Evelyn, I really like that name and it fits perfectly with her big sisters. (Can’t believe he had all girls!)

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