Into my arms

Summer 4005
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Thom Hiller is 28, Kiera Hiller is 29

Summer seems like a good season for change.


It’s something about the weather, perhaps. It makes people simpler, sunnier.


He’s been dating Kiera for quite some time now and there’s nothing that doesn’t feel simple between them any more. Everything just sort of flows or happens and they’re both in sync with it.


For a long while it had seemed like she’s from a different world, meant for a different kind of life full of books and knowledge and academics.


He had spent some time with her in the flat she used to share with her friend Sarah and at first sight it had almost intimidated him enough to scare him off. Then she had confessed that neither of them actually own or even rent the place, they just borrow it from another girl who’s working abroad and the moment he realised that he had immediately found her a little bit less out of his league.


Or well, in some ways she is out of his league, of course. She’s a clever, well-educated beautiful woman and he’s a lazy pseudo-farmer with no money or fortune to offer her. When he tells her this – once, after too much wine – she calls him old-fashioned but there’s warmth in her tone.

Besides, he’s been working his ass off ever since he was left with the farm so he doesn’t know if he qualifies as lazy any more.


Either way, she accepts his proposal when he musters up enough courage to ask her.


She moves in bit by bit that spring, leaving a few more items behind every time she spends the night until one morning when they realise that they are, in fact, now sharing his house.


It seems like she’s always been living here, in some ways. Like they’ve always known each other or like he cannot even remember what it was like not knowing her.


Summer is a good time to be introduced to what farming really means, as well. He worries that she will find it dull or hopeless and that she will come to the conclusion that she’d prefer it if he sold the farm and got himself a proper job.

Kiera will keep her job in the city, leaving most of the farming to Thom but he knows, because he was raised out here, that some months he’ll barely be indoors except to sleep and eat. It takes a certain kind of mindset to agree with that kind of life.


“I’ll figure it out,” Kiera says confidently when he confesses his concerns to her.

And she certainly does seem to do just that.


They quickly settle into a comfortable routine after she moves in. He gets up by dawn and they have breakfast together when he’s finished his first work shift outdoors. Then she leaves for work and he takes care of the household chores and his orchard and by the time she has finished work he has prepared dinner.


It’s a quiet, unassuming existence. The way he wants his life to be.


They hang out a lot with Clara and Kent now, since Clara got pregnant and too tired and clumsy to enjoy much beyond sitting down comfortably somewhere and discuss things. Thom is really excited for them, to see their family expand now after their parents are gone. They would have liked it, he knows. They would have liked Kent and Kiera and the paths Clara and Thom have forged for themselves.


Thom is glad Kiera agrees with him about children in the future – they both want them, they both want at least three of them and Β they are ready to start trying to conceive as soon as they feel a bit more financially secure.


Since neither of them can imagine throwing a wedding reception or spending a lot of money on a honeymoon, they do it their way. Their way turns out to go away on a weekend trip to Veronaville and get married in a small chapel thrown out there among the wine yards and olive trees. It’s perfect.


And so they are married although it seems so strange to think about it because he’s never been able to picture himself doing something like that. Not because he hasn’t wanted it before, but because he’s always stumbled across women who would never consider marrying him.


Kiera has changed everything and it really does feel like she’s made summer their season.

* Those who followed my previous hood know that I’m not one for wedding receptions, LOL. I’ll get around to it in the future, but right now my sims have so few friends anyway that it just seems like a hassle. πŸ™‚
* Thom and Kiera both have a IFS at 4, so we’ll probably see a lot of black-haired babies here soon.Β 


9 thoughts on “Into my arms

  1. Aw, I really like these two! They’ve settled into such a quiet (and yes, natural-seeming) life together. It would have been a shame if Kiera didn’t at least move in, so I’m glad they got married. I’m excited to see Thom become an uncle too, as I’m sure he is too. πŸ˜€

  2. These are two very adorable sims, I’m glad that they got married, they seem to both enjoy simple life, and what better mate than Thom with his farm and trees to tend to? I’m excited to see this family blossom and grow, with the twins arriving soon, and Kiera wanting four… they are sure to be a rather large family, pretty quickly! I like that you gave them a quickie wedding, but still took a photo of them, it’ll be a nice keepsake.

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