What a day for a birthday (Winter 4005/4006)

No more high school for Mireia Dalisay who graduates this year.

She’s been working hard, earned three scholarships and got accepted at Barchester University where she’ll be majoring in psychology and social studies.

Jean Cox celebrates her 12th birthday! She’s not very into school at this point, and much prefers soccer and tennis. In the future she doesn’t really know what she wants to do, at least not beyond starting a family of her own.


Jean’s best friend August Wester joins her at high school later this year. He’s invested in becoming someone famous – or at least someone rich. In the meantime, however, school and helping out in his mothers’ bakery will have to suffice.

* Mireia is so gorgeous. I know she’s a CAS sim but I’m still amazed, heh. 
* Jean Cox rolled family which I like and August Wester fortune, which also fits. 


3 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Winter 4005/4006)

  1. I didn’t realise Jean or August were so close to aging up but of course, you’re playing much faster than I can, with a smaller hood!

    I totally agree that Mireia is gorgeous. It’s definitely easier to get more interesting looking sims in CAS.

  2. Is Mireia going on to university? It will be fun to follow her, wherever she goes, she is a gorgeous and interesting looking sim. Jean is very cute too, and I guess she must be a family sim. I wonder how August will make his fortune.

  3. Wow, they are all so pretty/good looking! August is totally gorgeous, and Mireia too, just stunning! Jean has a great, little tween look about her, I think August looks a bit more mature in the looks department. I wonder if they will have romance! Not too many choices out there, I assume with the small town size, unless you have a load of townies in the background.

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