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Winter 4007
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Edward Cousland is 67, Ada Cousland is 38, Kirsten Cousland is 4, Evelyn Cousland is 2

tuuuu65uWith two toddlers and the whole trying-for-a-third-child ambition, it often feels like there’s nothing in their lives except family.

Which, of course, is the truth.

Ada wouldn’t have it any other way, though she can sometimes feel like there’s no end in sight and there are afternoons when she almost regrets talking Ed into trying for another baby. Almost. Because then she remembers soft, tiny little hands and feet resting beside her in bed and she hears Kirsten explain how things work to her little sister and then she knows, again and with full force, that she wants a third child.


Ed tells her it will work out for the best, whatever happens, but she’s starting to doubt that pregnancy now as they’ve tried for quite some time already. Sure, she’s older and sure, there are no guarantees but she hadn’t really imagined it would be such a long wait. With Kirsten and Evelyn she had ended up pregnant at their first or second try.

Hanging out with Josephine’s group of friends, it seems everyone ends up pregnant just thinking about it, as well.

That bit aside, Ada has really come to enjoy their company now, and Josephin is careful to invite her over when they have their little gatherings. Most of them are women Ada wouldn’t normally have met, but she finds that she enjoys spending time with them.

Cindy, especially, is sweet and intelligent, albeit in a much less flashy way than Ada is used to from her line of work and from people she met at University. Cindy possesses a more low-key cleverness that makes her very interesting to talk to. Her life has been wild and she’s already got a teenage daughter but also two younger ones.


Although nothing is ever official or confirmed with her, Josephine has been dating seriously for the past year or so. The man in question is called Timothy and seems like a sweet guy, a vast improvement over Helmer. There’s something solid about him, a sturdiness in his personality that Ada really likes and finds soothing.

Imogen likes him as well and he seems to have plenty of patience with her, always reading her stories and playing with her cars and dolls.

Ed has invited them over several times already and though Ada can tell that he’s trying to refrain from being too nosy and opinionated, it’s obvious that Timothy has earned a lot of approval from him.

They talk about sports and career and cars and fine cuisine- turns out that Timothy is a great cook and happens to know a great deal about wine and beer. That’s always a good way to sway her husband, Ada knows.

It’s strange to think that Josephine turns 30 next year – especially for Ada who’s not that much older but feels it. As though the stepmother thing is aging her. Or perhaps it’s Josephine’s lifestyle that makes her seem younger. Even with a kid – that she wants to raise in the best way possible, Ada can tell – she’s still the same young woman who wants to chase her dreams.


Timothy appears to be fairly similar when it comes to those things, but he’s much more grounded. Only time will tell what happens in Josephine’s love life, of course, but Ada can’t help but hope a little for a happy ending involving Timothy.

Speaking of happy endings she is pleasantly surprised by the end of January when she finds herself more and more tired for each passing day. That sort of exhaustion that sets in in the afternoons and refuses to leave.


One early morning she decides to check and see if she’s pregnant – she had promised herself a while ago, after six unsuccessful attempts, not to take any more home pregnancy tests, but this time, she feels it’s different.

And it is different. For the first time since they were expecting Evelyn she gets that second line on the display.


It’s still too early to tell the world, but they enjoy the secret for now and can’t help but plan for the future. If all goes well the baby is due in November.


5 thoughts on “Family focus

  1. I wonder if Ada and Cindy might get to be good friends. And congratulations to Ada and Edward on the long-awaited pregnancy. It is true, at times, when everyone you know is having babies, it seems that people just get pregnant thinking about it!

  2. Congrats to Ada and Edward!

    Nice to see her making some friends too, and nice to see Josephine find a more stable guy.

  3. Aw, I’m glad this is happening for Ada and Edward now! I thought maybe they wouldn’t be able to have a third but I’m happy to be wrong. Kirsten and Evelyn are so cute. I wonder if they’ll get a little brother this time around.

    I’m curious to read more about Timothy too. He and Josephine seem to be pretty solid for the moment.

  4. I’m glad that they are expecting, oh how cute if they had a boy(!), and hope that she can have a good relationship with Josephine. It is odd that they don’t have much of an age difference, but they can bond over toddlers. I think I like this Timothy, Helmer… pfft! Timothy already seems better. And he seems to have her Dad’s approval! If Edward says he’s a cool dude, then I have to like him even more. 🙂

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