Love is all around me

Summer 4007 Thom Hiller is 30, Kiera Hiller is 31
last update | next update 87ty78t6 Being pregnant is nothing like she imagined it. Well, to be fair, she had never really been able to imagine how it would be like because it had always seemed like one of those things that happened to everyone else but would never happen to her. Her co-workers tell her it’s one of those things that you sort of expect to be impossible until it happens to you. One day you’re the one who’s pregnant. serty455 She had been pretty fine at first. A little tired, but manageable. Not half as bad as everyone kept telling her it would be, especially not since she has Thom who’s the sweetest husband in the world and doesn’t let her wear herself out for one second. He cooks breakfast for her in the mornings and has dinner ready the second she’s back from work, as though he thinks she’ll fall down dead unless she has large meals on specific times through the day. It’s a little silly. But very cute. sergrzsett When he isn’t taking great care of her, he’s working. Either with the farm or with his research for it, which he’s taking very seriously. He reads and discusses a lot online and even talks about applying for some courses online to learn more. Kiera knows one part of that obsession is some sort of inferiority complex that he nurses – she’s studied for years and he barely made it through high school. Not that she judges him for it. Who you are as a lazy, acne-ridden 17-year-old hardly says much about your soul or your general personality. But if Thom wants to dedicate his time to digging deeper into what he’s decided to do for a living, she’s the first one to cheer him on. etger5tttClara comes by quite a lot with her kids now that they’re a bit older – and probably more than a handful back home, Kiera suspects. Her sister-in-law isn’t really the motherly type but she’s doing fairly well all the same, even if she claims to be constantly stressed out over the most minor things. She just wants to write. But juggling the twins, her work and her house while trying to squeeze in some hours every day to work on her novel can’t be easy.

etge4w55 Sienna and Samuel aren’t the sunniest little toddlers around either, Kiera has to admit. They’re both pretty cranky and seem to require new things to do all the time. Toys are only fun for five minutes, then they’re bored and move on to the telly which bores them in another five minutes.


Thom offers to babysit for his sister every once in a while and claims it’s great practice for the winter when their own twins will be born, but Kiera can’t help but hoping theirs won’t be as high-maintenance as Clara and Kent’s kids.

After a smooth initial ride, her pregnancy suddenly takes a sharp turn towards the lands of massive exhaustion and nausea. At the midwife’s clinic she learns that her blood pressure is already quite high and since she’s carrying twins she’s not allowed to work for the rest of the pregnancy now.

Thom orders her to rest and to read, but of course she can’t really find peace in being completely still now that she actually has to.

e5tgstg5It feels like the end of this road is so far away. 

She hangs out a lot with Sarah once the first few months have passed and she feels strong enough to venture outdoors again. It’s even more fun to talk to her now that they’re both expecting – even if Sarah is still tiny and full of energy and talks about how she’s been paining the crib herself and made curtains for the widow in the nursery.


Kiera half-admires, half-envies her but lands in the first emotion most of the time, especially since she knows her friend had almost thought it would be too late for her to start a family before things got serious with Michael.

It will probably be a great support and source of entertaiment to be on parental leave at the same time, Kiera thinks. Hopefully their kids will like each other, too.


4 thoughts on “Love is all around me

  1. Another set of twins? Woah! Is that the default maxis pregnancy morph. She looks bigger than I remember them being! I need to knock some Sim up and see for myself, haha.

  2. Sienna and Samuel do sound like a handful– very active and quite grumpy. It’s hard to imagine having time to write, with twins, but especially with those kinds of temperaments. I hope Kiera will deliver her twins safely!

  3. I’m glad Thom is so caring toward Kiera and is helping her make her pregnancy as easy as possible. Hopefully everything will go okay with the pregnancy! Sienna and Samuel are cute, but seem really fussy hahah.

  4. Wow, more twins! Are your sims using that Fertility Treatment benefit from FT? Twins seem so rare for me since I took that away from all my sims!

    But anyway, how great that Thom is so ambitious with the farm! Even if he does have somewhat of an inferiority complex, I would bet that his efforts give him something to be proud about anyway. I’m glad to see that he’s such a kind and attentive husband too, especially now that Kiera has to take it easy until the twins come. Who I cannot wait to meet, incidentally!

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