What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4007)

Autumn 4007

The baby boom in Barchester continues this year as Petra and Benjamin Dalisay welcome their second child, little Novak.


He’s got his father’s eyes by the look of it but time will tell which parent he will most strongly resemble.

Some weeks later, Ada and Edward Cousland finally get to meet their third child as well. This time the couple welcome a son that gets the name Christopher.

Thom Hiller and his wife Kiera were due with twins this fall and Kiera went almost full term before the babies wanted to see the light of day.

First came little Ella, a girl with icy blue eyes who’s already stolen her dad’s heart.


Five minutes later her twin brother Rhys arrived and their parents couldn’t be more thrilled.


Sarah Smith is due in the beginning of the next year and can’t claim that she loves being pregnant. She’s had a smooth pregnancy so far but she’s getting impatient now and can’t wait to meet her baby.


Michael gets more impatient by the day, as well, despite being nervous still and not feeling like “daddy material”.


4 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4007)

  1. Another baby boom! It’s so tricky with babies, so hard to tell what they’ll look like when they get older.

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