What a day for a birthday (Winter 4007-4008)

Winter 4008
Atticus Wester is no longer a tiny little baby brother. Sure, he’s still the youngest but this year he’ll join his sister and brother in high school.

He’s always been an extroverted, social little kid and that side of him is still the most dominant.

Kirsten Cousland turns 5 this year and will be starting school.

It’s something she looks forward to, not least because she’ll get to see her best friend and niece Imogen every day now.


Imogen who also turns 5 and counts the days until school starts.


Sarah and Michael Smith finally got to meet their first child – Zoey – this winter.

Little Zoey was born exactly on Sarah’s due date and immediately stole her parents’ hearts.


It’s still a little early to tell which parent she most resembles, but she seems to have inherited her mother’s colours at least.


4 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Winter 4007-4008)

  1. Atticus is quite the looker! I thought for a second he was an adult an wondered how many updates I’d missed, haha!

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