What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4008)

Autumn 4008


We wrap up this round by celebrating a few birthdays. First out is little Christopher Cousland who turns 1.

He still bears a striking resemblance to his older sisters.

Novak Dalisay also celebrates his first birthday by the end of this year and even if his first year has been pretty rocky, he’s mostly oblivious to the family drama.

Novak has his daddy’s hair colour but everything else he seems to have inherited from his mother Petra.


Ella and Rhys, the Hiller twins, are also turning one whole year.


Rhys looks mostly like his father Thom.
While Ella is more of a copy of her mother, Kiera.


* Round is finally done. I had this almost done by April or May, but  then summer came and I’ve been off work to spend time with my kid so there hasn’t been a lot of gaming time. 🙂


3 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4008)

  1. I’ve been falling behind on my Sim blog reading and was almost expecting a host of new babies from you consider the baby boom earlier! These toddlers grew up cute, especially littel Rhys!

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