Made a dream for you

Winter 4009
Thom Hiller is 32, Kiera Hiller is 33, Ella and Rhys Hiller are 2
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He’s always wanted a quiet life.

An ordinary life, some would call it. Boring, his sister would claim. But Thom isn’t other people and he isn’t his sister. He’s just someone who wants to lead a peaceful existence with few interruptions – raise kids, take care of his farm, be a good husband to his wife.


It sounds pretty old-fashioned, he knows. Like he’s been torn from one of those historical romances he has caught Kiera reading one or two times when she thinks she’s not being watched. A man out of his proper timeline, made to live a hundred years ago when people didn’t want to be designers or run fashion blogs.

Luckily, Kiera doesn’t seem to mind very much. In fact, she seems to appreciate these things about him and even if she wants more adventures and more interactions with others she can get that on her own or with her friends. It’s one of the things he loves most about their marriage – they allow each other to have separate lives as well as the life they share. He wouldn’t know how to have it any other way.


She often talks on the phone and make plans to visit museums or the theatre and Thom never minds.

He likes having quiet evenings at home with the kids, putting them to bed and then having some hours to himself before he needs to go to bed himself in order to feel rested enough to start another early day at the farm.

Their lives are completely altered since the twins, of course, but in many ways it doesn’t feel like it, at least not for him. Kiera gets to take more responsibility indoors, though.

She’s never been a farmer – he’s never expected her to be one – but she’s been helping out where she can but now she’s more needed for other duties and different chores.

Thom hopes she will let him know if it’s too much to handle what with her full time job at the library as well, but he also knows that she treasures that job because she wants more things in her life than just nature, farming and outdoor activities.

Now that the kids are older and a bit more able to play together and not require full attention every minute, they’ve been actively trying to get pregnant again for a couple of months but no result so far. He’s not stressed about it and Kiera isn’t either. It helps knowing that they can get pregnant, the twins are living and loud proof of that.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have more children sooner rather than later – he’s never wanted to be an old father and he’s rather hoping he’ll live to see grandchildren grow up one day. It’s a part of life few younger people consider but Thom does. It’s always been part of his plan, part of the dream he’s made for himself in his own head.


One of those things they try to do as a family is outdoor adventures. At least once a week unless Kiera is working weekends at the library, visiting various parks and other places where the kids can run themselves tired.

If they don’t have time to go away, they at least walk down to the pond behind the barns. Thom loves to fish and he’s pretty certain he’s made Kiera hooked as well.


She might not admit it, but the look of delight on her face when she catches a fish speaks volumes.

Clara comes over quite a lot even with all of her obligations with family and work. Thom always takes the chance to ask her for tech advice and get help setting up their wifi connection that seems to require constant attention.

“It’s because you live in a bush in the middle of nowhere,” his sister helpfully concludes, but she does help, every time.

He knows that his sister finds it more than enough with two children and that she can’t quite grasp why Thom and Kiera wants a house full of them. But she’s supportive of their wishes and often asks about how things are, if they’ve come any closer to another baby yet.

Then – finally – one day he can tell her that if all goes well, fingers crossed, they might have a third child by the end of October. Clara is very happy to hear the news and he takes her upstairs to show what he’s done to the attic.

It’s been gathering dust since Clara and Thom moved out ages ago but now he’s started the time-consuming project of getting it ready for the future.

So far he’s mostly managed to get rid of the old wallpapers and fix the floor in a few places, but even with all the work still ahead of him it’s possibly to see how great it will be when it’s all done.

They’ll have a couple of more rooms at their disposal and hopefully allow the kids to have separate bedrooms at some point. Clara is always fascinated with practical skills since she completely lacks them and lets him talk for a long while about the plans.


Thom is really looking forward to what lies ahead, even as Clara brings her kids over and they start fighting or crying with his own. He considers it practice for what might come their way, though he can’t pretend he isn’t very happy both Ella and Rhys are such easy-going, calm little creatures.


Four kids, Kiera had said the other day. At least.

Thom had agreed but he’s considering using his veto if their next one turns out anything like Sienna or Samuel.


* Sorry about the lack of presence in the Sims community lately. My real life has been hectic. We’re expecting another baby in March 2016 and dealing with the first trimester plague and taking care of a full-time job AND a constantly babbling-climbing-running 2-year-old proved to be pretty damn exhausting. Who would have thought? 🙂 I’m somewhat back on track now, though, and have been missing my hood a lot.

* Kiera is due in late October and I’m fairly certain I won’t let them have more than 4 kids. Population control, dammit. 🙂

* I do love how extremely fussy Clara’s twins are, LOL. They’re always crying about something. 


5 thoughts on “Made a dream for you

  1. Congratulations on Baby #2! Hopefully the plague leaves you soon, if it hasn’t already! 😉

    I’m always happy to see Thom and Kiera again. It seems like they have managed to keep a healthy relationship going even amongst the chaos of twins. Making time for each other and letting each other have time to themselves as well – so important!

  2. Congratulations! I cannot believe that your first is already 2!!! What!?! I hope that your feeling better now that the first trimester is passing. Also excited for Thom’s new baby too, they are a nice couple, I like that they have their separate lives and it works out well for them. Maybe my guy, Elias will need something like this, I’m having a hard time finding a girl that would want to live on a farm out in the country.

    Super funny seeing the cousins together, Clara having fussy kids seems pretty much perfect. Thom seems much more relaxed towards the parenting gig, and I can imagine Clara being a bit less, well quite a bit less relaxed.

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