Sisters before misters

Spring 4009
Mireia Dalisay is 21 (Corbin Olofski is 26)


Next year she will graduate.

It’s still something that sounds like it belongs in someone else’s life, not hers, not to Mireia Dalisay. But even so, she will graduate from university in less than ten months it’s both thrilling and a bit terrifying. The way it should feel, Sid claims.


. She’s so happy she has found Sid among all these people running around on campus and she’s even happier that Sid had asked Charlie and Mireia to switch to a different, smaller dorm where the three of them could all live together.

Since Sid is planning on applying for the Academy for Dramatic Arts for as many times as it takes to get in and Mireia is going to the Police Academy, they’ve already made plans to share a flat once they leave campus.


Charlie has known Sid since high school and they’ve always been good friends; Mireia has asked a few times if they’ve ever been more than that but never really received a proper answer. Not that it matters much.

If Mireia had to choose between Charlie and Sid she’s pretty sure she’d pick Sid – it’s something about having a really close female friend that just can’t be measured against anything else, not even a great guy like Charlie. Sid just gets her, they get each other.

Besides, Charlie and her have decided that they’re not a couple like that, that they’re not exclusive and each other’s significant other. It seems reasonable at their age and where they are in life.

Intellectually, it’s a good decision but there’s a trace of doubt all the same as she sees Sid and Charlie look at each other sometimes. The way they manage to look both innocent and greedy, like they’re enjoying not acting on their attraction or whatever.


And there is another thing – not necessarily a thing Mireia is proud of but there all the same – that’s surfaced recently as Charlie has suffered the consequences of being put on academic probation. He claims he had studied “a fair amount” but still failed his exams and Mireia can’t deny it’s a turn-off to watch failure like that. Especially after having been witness to her dad’s repeated mistakes and difficulties to succeed at work and these days also in his private life. It makes her feel small to think this way, but it’s something that won’t easily fade from her mind.



Whenever they have time for it, Sid and Mireia takes long walks to explore their surroundings or take the bus to Barchester City to hang out in thrift shops and bookstores. It’s a perfect Sunday activity, especially if the weather is nice.


Sid is always on the lookout for obscure plays that she wants to read or long-forgotten female authors that her professors have recommended. Mireia can’t claim to be as deep and profound, but she likes reading and buying books, cheap books in particular.


It’s easy to see how their flatsharing will be like, Mireia thinks sometimes when she watches her friend make contact with strangers just about everywhere they go. If there are people to meet, Sid will meet them. Mireia has never been like that and she can very well imagine that she’ll be tagging along for the ride if they become flatmates. It’s not a bad thing, actually the opposite. She could use some more social activity herself.


When Sid comes home from class one day she tells Mireia that she’s managed to talk “some guy” into letting them rent a flat in his building and it’s a much better deal than they had hoped for – but not too good, no need to be suspicious. It’s just good news and Mireia feels more grateful than ever to have Sid.


Since Charlie isn’t her boyfriend like that, Mireia has started seeing Corbin again. He’s got nothing to do with university or campus life and it’s a breath of fresh air this final year to be reminded of the real world  outside the bubble.


He brings her to Barchester Spring Fair which feels cheesy at first but turns out to be remarkably fun. A lot of things with Corbin are like that and she’s fascinated by it, how he can make excessive sugar intake and a ride at a children’s carousel seem like a reasonable date.

She hadn’t felt this way the last time they dated a couple of years ago, but now she can see them both differently. Perhaps she’s become someone else since then, perhaps he has. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that last time they got to know each other, Mireia had been inexperienced and insecure and Corbin had felt like such a grown up. That imbalance hadn’t worked too well for her but there’s no trace of it now, she can’t see it anywhere.

Now they just have fun – good, silly fun.


It feels like an adventure, mostly because she constantly feels the need to study and achieve and this is very far from it, but also because Corbin makes her laugh. A lot.

“I’m pretty serious about you, though,” he tells her as they are getting ready to leave the fair. “You’re a special woman.”

Mireia isn’t sure anyone has ever referred to her a woman before and she likes it, it lands with a little proud blow in her chest.


“Call me next weekend,” she says when he drops her off outside her dorm.

He doesn’t kiss her there and she is kind of disappointed because he’s definitely a guy she would be proud to show the world but then again he isn’t someone who’d make bold moves in public either.

The following weekend she visits him in the city an gets to see his flat for the first time. It had never really come up last time they dated – he hadn’t asked and she was almost glad he didn’t because going home to someone had felt like an impossible step for someone who had barely made out with a guy before.

Now, though, it just feels great. In that impatient, fluttering sort of way that makes her nerves feel on edge and every touch between them seem like fire.

She’s the first one to kiss him that night and when he asks if she wants to stay, there’s not one bit of doubt about what she’s going to answer. He can tell, too, she can see it in his eyes.

The morning after he makes grilled cheese for breakfast before she has to catch a bus to get in time for her early lecture and Mireia feels like this might very well be the beginning of something big.

* I really like Charlie but Mireia just seems to like Corbin more, judging by her wants. 🙂 Can’t believe she’s going to graduate next sim year, but I’m looking forward to playing her as an adult. 


5 thoughts on “Sisters before misters

  1. You gotta listen to your sims’ wishes sometimes! Occasionally, they know better than we do. 😉 I really hope this thing with Corbin works out for Mireia. She’s obviously grown up a bit since their first go and they seem like they’re more on the same level now.

  2. I was surprised to see Corbin being the favorite, but I think Mireia is onto something, especially if she is getting the vibe that Sid and Charlie are into one another, plus the non-exclusive clause isn’t exactly something that breathes trust into a relationship, even if it is casual. I am surprised that she’s graduating too, she’s really matured over her college education, and I like the idea of her and Sid renting a flat after they graduate. I absolutely adore the title on this one!

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