ABC (Barchester Academy update, autumn 4009)

The fall is here and school starts again in Barchester.

This term the high school kids will be performing at the Autumn Fair and are already devoting time to practising their songs.


Neither of them has a preferred instrument, so a lot of the time they are merely switching around, trying to see what works best.

Of course other classes are also starting and for some, this is just another school year.

But for Juno Wester, this is going to be her last few months in high school and she’s already preparing for Uni next year.

August Wester and Jean Cox have a few terms left to get their grades in good order and sort out their applications, but it never hurts to be prepared. Most teachers think Jean is a good influence on her boyfriend when it comes to schoolwork.

They do try to sneak off as often as possible, though, to attend to other matters than the academic ones.

The younger children have been eagerly awating the start the another shool year.

They will make an art exhibition for the Autumn Fair and have started on their projects.

But a lot of time is also spent going over the summer holidays and telling each other about what they’ve been up to.

They will be focusing on countries of the world until Christmas, learning about culture and habits of sims all over the globe. Joshua Cox is already thrilled to be hearing about vast deserts and weird animals.

Imogen Cousland is more enthusiastic about the art for the Autumn Fair, but she’s prepared to agree that learning about foreign foods is going to be fun.

Most popular, for the lower grades at least, is the schoolyard that’s been upgraded and repaired over the summer.

It’s going to be a challenge to keep the kids from wanting to remain out here all day long.


* So, first school update. I found an awesome school building that currently serves as both high school and elementary school until my baby boom breaks it. 🙂 I have plans to make annual school things – fairs, school dances, bake sales, what have you – as separate updates in the future but for now, they just happen in the background.

*I’ve been home from work because of a nasty cold and since I can’t breathe through my nose unless I sit upright, I’ve been playing A LOT. 😀


4 thoughts on “ABC (Barchester Academy update, autumn 4009)

  1. Such a cute little update! I love checking in with all the school kids. 🙂 And how lucky for you to find such a great school building that suited your hood.

  2. The school looks so realistic and cute, and I love how you worked in the idea of the autumn fair. I noticed you had a lot of updates lately. By now I’m sure you must be feeling well; I’ve gotten behind with reading.

  3. This was a darling update! It is nice that they can all fit on one school lot, and the playground looks very appealing, I can see why the younger kids want to spend all day out there. August and Jean sneaking some kisses! Perfect for high school! ❤ I really like all the craft paper bits and puzzle pieces on the floor.

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