She’s having my baby (Autumn 4009)

Cindy and Eric Cox have both wanted another child for years but always waited since they barely have enough space in their home for the childen they already have.

Now the longing has got the better  of them and they were both thrilled when Cindy found out she was pregnant.


She’s due in June 4010 and have already made over the old crib they’ve used for all of their children. But after this baby, they are definitely done once and for all. There’s a bittersweet finality in that, making her treasure this pregnancy more than her others.


For Kiera Hiller, this pregnancy has been very easy and felt different from the last one when she carried twins and worried doubly about every possible complication.


She and Thom worries a little bit about having three kids under the age of five in the house at the same time, but the twins are getting older and this, too, shall pass.


Five days after her due date, one dark November morning, Kiera gives birth to Ruby.


At first glance she looks a lot like her dad and older brother Rhys, but time will tell who she is going to resemble.


Benjamin Dalisay has had a really eventful year. After the divorce from his ex-wife Petra he has met a new woman and this time he hopes it will be the one. Her name is Susan and when they couple found out that Susan got unexpectedly pregnant after just a few months of dating, Ben decided to propose to her.


While still a bit shocked over the news, the couple are excited about their baby. Baby Dalisay is due in September 4010.


* So, Ben has sure been busy. More about that in the next update. I don’t need any ROS when I have sims like Ben. 😀

* Happy about Ruby, I want to see what Thom’s genes look like on a girl, too.

* I caved in and let Cindy and Eric try for one last baby since they’ve both kept rolling the want ever since Joshua turned one. That’s four years of baby cravings, I’m only human. 🙂


One thought on “She’s having my baby (Autumn 4009)

  1. I hope Ben has learnt how to be faithful this time around!

    Glad you let Cindy and Eric have another baby. I would have too, as my hood population may attest to. 😉

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