What a day for a birhtday (Winter 4009/4010)

Winter 4010


New year in Barchester and Sienna Hansen kicks it off by celebrating her 5th birthday.


Same goes for her twin brother Samuel, of course.


They will be classmates with fellow recent five-year old – Evelyn Cousland who’s excited to join her big sister at school.


Juno Wester has turned 18 and graduated from Barchester High. Her grades were good enough for her to pass and qualify her for University even though she will not be receiving any scholarships. She’s already at Barchester University where she’s going to major in psychology.


And Mireia Dalisay has graduated from Barchester University with a degree in psychology. She hopes it will help her on her way to become a police. She’s currently renting a two bedroom flat in Barchester City with her college friend Sid.


* I love Sienna and Evelyn’s looks to bits. And Juno looks quite grown-up, not a teenager anymore. Aw. 


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