Suburban dreams

Summer 4010
Clara Hansen-Hiller is 37, Kent Hansen is 54, Sienna Hansen is 5, Samuel Hansen is 5
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Even if she’s been happy, Clara has always somewhat felt out of place in the green, orderly suburbs where they live.

She’s raised on a farm and as soon as she could decide for herself, she had moved to the city. Urban life is her kind of life, that will probably never change. This whole well-rehersed play that seems to be behind suburban life has never really come natural to her.


Part of it has been a feeling of being trapped, she understands that now when the kids are finally in pre-school and her days are no longer one endless journey between the kitchen and the nursery. Diapers, food, sleep, diapers, food, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Now her life feels wildly different and her mood has improved immensely.


Even though they’ve decided a while ago that they will not be contacting the IVF-clinic that helped them last time, that they’re done with children, she knows Kent could easily imagine another baby. But she can’t. She absolutely can’t.


Sorting through the baby toys and putting them in a box to be delivered to Thom and Kiera had felt like one of the happiest days in her life, because she could feel her own despair during those first years and see it be packed away, gone forever.


Now she enjoys every minute with the twins, teaching them things, helping out with homework, talking about every strange and wonderous thing in the world with her curious little five-year-olds.


They are still a pretty fussy pair, destined to make each other cry on a daily basis and she can’t really remember her own childhood being that way. Thom could be annoying, of course, but he hadn’t teased her very much and she had mostly left him alone, too. Sienna and Samuel are more prone to always being in each other’s way, until one of them snaps. It’s no big deals they argue over either, it can be as banal as who has the right to use their toy oven or who won at some game. Kent has more patience with it than Clara does, so she lets him take the fighting and the reluctant apologies that follow.


Luckily they also really enjoy playing together a lot of the time, which brings a certain peace to the entire house. After the harsh toddler years, Clara treasures it beyond words.


Both Kent and Clara are very satisfied with their calm lives, they mostly enjoy quiet hobbies like reading and writing and could easily spend all their free time in an isolated cabin somewhere, just getting lost in their own worlds. Maybe that way Clara could finally make some sense of what sort of novels she’s like to write, instead of writing the sort of half-baked crime novels she keeps producing these days. She has a deal with a publishing house but it’s not a good deal and the publishers aren’t even close to being well-known or respected. Some of her books sell a decent amount of copies, most of them don’t.


She’s given herself another five years to make it as a writer. If she hasn’t written something good by then – something that is reviewed in an actual newspaper and read by people who have some sort of taste in literature – she will give it up completely. It’s just not worth the time and effort if it’s going to be like this forever.

In the meantime, she has a family to tend to.

They try to seize the summer and make the best of it every day, even if it merely means driving to their favourite part of South Beach – an undisturbed spot where few people go except for the Hansens.


It’s a little paradise of its own, being there on a sunny day.


Both Sienna and Samuel love the water and can play around in it for hours.


And they are surprisingly good at collaborating on sand castles, not a single tantrum or hissy fit for at least half an hour.


Much as Clara enjoys being indoors, she has to admit that the sun does wonders for her mood and her feelings towards the rest of her family. It’s like a quiet reminder of what they have, what she has chosen.


* Clara really has no wants related to her kids, which I always find fascinating because most sims seem to roll those every once in a while. But she just wants to improve her skills and be left alone, it seems. I see her as someone who wanted kids because it’s expected of you at a certain age, but she would probably be happier without. She’s doing her best, but I really do think she will treasure having grown up children much more and I doubt her kids can count on her as an ever-present grandmother in the future. 🙂


One thought on “Suburban dreams

  1. Knowledge sims can be a little standoffish with kids but with Family secondary, it’s kind of odd that Clara doesn’t roll any wants for her kids! Oh well, it’s nice when some sims break the mold a little bit. I can see her enjoying her kids more and more as they get older.

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