That’s my family

Autumn 4010
Michael Smith is 44, Sarah Smith is 38, Zoey Smith is 2
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It hadn’t been the easiest decision of her life, starting a family with Michael.

If she’s completely honest about it, she had her doubts up until Zoey was born two years ago now because Sarah may have fallen in love with the aging casanova act but that isn’t the same thing as thinking it would turn into something stable enough for children. For family. Some days she’s still not entirely sure and when she’s been hanging out with Kiera, for example, she can return home full of second thoughts. Because Michael isn’t Thom. He is really, really not Thom who seems to have been born into the world in order to be calm and quiet and sturdy, raising his kids and washing their clothes.


But Michael is a different person when he’s with Zoey. It’s like there’s something in her wild little two-year-old body that soothes him, like there’s a streak of light in her that touches parts of him Sarah has never seen before. Maybe he hasn’t either.  She’s grounded him, somehow.


He gets up early in the mornings with her, no complaints, and watches strange re-runs of boring shows while she plays and runs around.


He’s one step ahead when it comes to household chores as well, often getting things done before Sarah has even noticed them.

He claims it’s about duty, responsibility. That he feels they have put Zoey in this world and now it’s up to them to make sure she’s happy and safe and while Sarah believes him, she also thinks it’s about love. Michael has been knocked by the love he feels for their child and that’s the main reason she feels certain beyond doubt that she’s chosen the right person to have kids with.


Zoey is a pretty simple child to raise, too. Mostly happy and a heavy sleeper which is more than Sarah had dared to hope for beforehand. She has always prided herself on a somewhat realistic approach to family life and with more fears than hopes she finds herself positively surprised most of the time.

Now that she’s reached an age where she can play alone for brief periods of time, everything gets even easier.

They have her part-time at the local day care center, part-time at home with them since they work strange hours and usually not at the same time.

It works. Maybe not forever but for now.


While she had been honest with Michael from the start about how many kids she wants – two, no more, no less – they have never really had the time to discuss when the time is right for a little brother or a sister.

Time isn’t exactly on their side, though,  given that Sarah is approaching 40, and therefore she can’t help but feel a rush of hope when she starts having morning sickness and fall into that black hole of first trimester exhaustion. She even holds off taking a pregnancy test because she wants to stay in the warm, hopeful bubble of hope, imagining how it would be, nine months from now with a little baby in the family.


And then when she finally gets one at the drug store and stares at the tiny screen that states “pregnant, 3+ weeks” she’s suddenly terrified. In a ridiculous sort of way considering the fact that this guy has already married her and fathered her child, in a way that she hasn’t felt since she was 17 and ended up bawling her eyes out in the waiting room because her high school boyfriend didn’t want to be a dad and she didn’t want to be a mum but there they were. Two days later she had it taken care of, but she will always remember that heavy, impossible fear.

She tries to tell him as they make Sunday pancakes while Zoey naps. But the words get stuck in her mouth and Michael doesn’t seem to notice anything’s different.

She finally tells him the following day, in a rush, as Zoey is about to wake up from her morning nap any second and Sarah almost hopes she does so she gets to postpone the announcement ever further. She doesn’t.

“Well, that’s great, isn’t it?” Michael just looks at her across the table. “Or do you regret it?”

Sarah lets out a shaky breath. “No! No, not at all. I just… I thought maybe you didn’t want another, not yet at least.”

“Oh.” Michael grins, that wide toothy grin she has never been able to resist. “I do.”

This time, the hormones hit her ever so much harder and Michael has to do pretty much everything around the house while she sleeps, rests or hides in the bed, feeling sick.


Despite the season and the fact that it’s freezing on the balcony, she is so hot and so uncomfortable that she prefers having her meals out there instead of sweating like a pig inside.


She’s not due until March, but it feels like she’s started out being in the fourth month this time and her belly grows visibly for every week that pass. Never again, she keeps thinking to herself when she hurries between work, daycare and endless afternoons with an energetic two-year-old. Never again.

But she can’t wait until March either, because while the road there is long and boring this time around, she is thrilled to be meeting her second child.


* This update has been sitting here unfinished for weeks. Don’t know why. I haven’t played in forever, but today I felt the Sims craving return, so yay! 

* Extremely thrilled about the baby, they have interesting genetics and ever since I moved them in I’ve wanted them to put that third bedroom to use. 🙂 Sarah almost lost the baby TWICE during this session, so she’s not exaggerating about the tough pregnancy this time around. 


2 thoughts on “That’s my family

  1. This will probably sound weird but Sarah is lucky she only almost lost the baby twice! Every time I’ve had a sim almost lose a baby, they end up losing it if they get the pre-term contractions again. :\ I actually thought that was the way it always happened, until I read your post!

    It’s so nice to see Michael so happy as a dad. I definitely agree with Sarah about how much he obviously loves Zoey. Can’t wait to see this next baby!

  2. I’m glad that Sarah didn’t lose the baby. I hope she takes care of herself for the remainder of the pregnancy. I’m glad that Michael is a devoted father, and I really loved his response to the pregnancy. ❤ I've been a fan of Michael for sometime, and am happy to see him settled with someone who loves him.

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