What a day for a birthday (Winter 4010)

Winter 4010


Ben Dalisay and his wife Susan finish the year in style.

They were expecting a baby at the end of the year. They did not expect twins and neither did the doctors.

Even so, they return home from the hospital with two perfectly healthy baby girls.


Little Ethel, who has her father’s hair colour and eyes.


And little Enid, who looks a bit lighter but also has her father’s hair and eyes.


A girl who leaves the baby stage behind forever, though, is Ruby Hiller who turns 1. She still resembles her dad the most.


* GAH all the twins. I don’t let anyone have that perk in my hood, yet they keep popping out twins. I kind of love it for Ben because of that extra bit of chaos it might bring to his life. 😀 But I need to find that hack I used to have that allowed me to pick the number of babies at birth.

* This is the end of the round. It has dragged on forever (my kind of forever, at least) because I stopped playing for months but yay, finally done. I rolled the ROS for the next round and it will be interesting for sure:


ROS round 4011-4012

— Relative moves in
This will be great for stories.

— Death by drowning
This one not so much. 😦

— Start an affair (get caught)
This has a lot of potential…



2 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Winter 4010)

  1. Twins! I took the perk away from all my sims too and it’s worked a little too well. I hardly ever have twins any more. I’m actually about to take control of multiples myself, with Starr’s odds, just so I can have some more again. Because I’m insane. Ruby is such a cutie. Definitely her dad’s daughter!

    And ooh, those are some interesting ROS! Can’t wait to see what happens…except for the drowning. 😦

  2. Yay for twins! But wow what a shock that would be! Love their names, and little Ruby Hiller is a doll! ❤ Really excited about the family moving in, and a bit nervous about the other two. Sad on the drowning as well. You haven't had any deaths yet have you for this new hood? 😦

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