The wild hunt

Winter 4011
Mireia Dalisay is 23, Sonja “Sid” Sanderson is 23
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It’s weird how busy life can be when you leave Uni and start living independently, trying to make a life for yourself.


Mireia has always been pretty independent but not like this, not living alone and paying her own bills and not having anyone serve her meals whenever she’s hungry. This is real life, she thinks every day when she wakes up. Real, adult life.

Of course, she’s still living with Sid but it’s different now that they’re both struggling with jobs and further education. Sid goes to a lot of auditions and Mireia has her plate full with the Police Academy and her part-time job as a security guard, which eats up roughly 9 out of 10 nights. So much, in fact, that she barely has any time left for dating and social life.


Corbin claims he’s fine with it, for now, but she can tell that he misses spending at least a few nights a week with her. They’ve been going out for a few years already and since her graduation they’ve approached a more stable, committed relationship where they hang out with each other’s friends and families.


In a way this makes her feel like some of the thrill from their early months together have faded away though she isn’t experienced enough to tell whether or not this is normal. Sid claims it is, but she hasn’t exactly got a vast collection of relationships in her past either, so Mireia isn’t going to trust her completely.

Corbin makes her feel good. Not beside herself with excitement and passion, at least not all of the time, and perhaps that’s how it is.


Sid has no boyfriend but a handful of dates that occasionally spend the night. It’s not Mireia’s favourite thing in the world, but she figures she can’t exactly complain when Corbin does the same every once in a while, too.


On the other hand, sometimes Sid’s judgement is way off, like when she drags home creepy old guys from her various gigs as an extra. It seems like nobody should be in their 40s and still work as an extra, at least not if they have some ambition in life, and this Dennis person is definitely over 40.


It’s not really Mireia’s business what sort of guys Sid dates, of course, but she still decides to bring it up with her the morning after Dennis has spent his second night at their place.


“So, this Dennis guy. Isn’t he like… 45 or something?”

“Maybe.” Sid sighs. “I don’t know, okay. He’s just a guy from work. He’s fun. And the sex is great.”

“I heard.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” Sid doesn’t really sound like she means it, and there’s a wide grin on her face. “We should go to his place next time.”

“Next time? Look, Sid. You deserve better than that. I mean, back in college you always seemed to have a thing for Charlie. Right?” She throws a glance over her shoulder to see if Sid reacts to her statement. “You should be with someone like Charlie. Not someone like Dennis.”

Sid makes a grunting noise. “Can we dissect your love life for a while now?”

“Nothing to declare.” Mireia turns to towards her room mate with the plate full of French toasts. “Nothing new, at least. I’m still seeing Corbin.”

“Are you serious about him then? You’ve been dating forever now.”

Mireia shrugs, then nods. “Yeah. I guess I am. I don’t know.”

“See? It’s not like it’s always so easy to tell, now is it.”


Other than the occasional weird date, it’s great living with Sid and Mieria is thankful to have her best friend nearby every day.

They often go out after they’ve finished work, even if it’s just to grab a quick coffee down at the coffee place nearby, or to pick up some milk or granola for breakfast next day.


While Mireia can stress out over her future now that she’s all out of the comforting Uni bubble, Sid is always calm and optimistic. She claims things usually turn out for the best.


They seem to have turned out that way for Petra, at least, Mireia will give her that.

She visits as often as she can, trying to spend some time with her younger siblings. Family can be a messy thing but she’s intent on not letting her own just disintegrate into a million little pieces in the world, she wants them to be close and she wants to be able to have a good relationship with her own siblings in the future.


Novak always shrieks with joy whenever she comes to visit and she loves hanging out with him, too.


Rutger, Petra’s new live-in boyfriend is a nice guy, as well. He seems like the complete opposite of her own father which probably is a perfect thing for Petra. Mireia loves her dad but she hates what he’s done over the past couple of years. Stupid, mid-life crisis-related bullshit over and over and over again.

Even so, she does try to go over to his place every once in a while. It doesn’t feel good to dislike his new wife so she had made a New Year’s resolution to at least try to befriend her. It’s not exactly simple, but she’s determined.


Susan isn’t blind to Mireia’s feelings, either.

“You don’t like me very much, do you?” she asks one afternoon as they sit in their living room, watching the twins half-sleep, half-play on a blanket on the floor.

Mireia shrugs. “I don’t know you very much.”

“I understand if you think I’m some kind of air-headed gold digger-”

“Oh, I don’t think that.” She has to laugh. “My dad is definitely not in danger of attracting gold diggers, he can barely look after himself financially.”


“He’s a good man.”

“He’s a mess. Has been ever since my mum left, ages ago.”

Petra is quiet for a bit, long enough for Mireia to wonder if she’s offended her by bringing her mum into it all. Not that she can be a stranger to hearing about her husband’s previous families.

“You can be a mess and still be a good person,” she says eventually.

Mireia shrugs again, but she can feel some of her irritation fade away and leave her body. Damn, Susan is nice. Almost too nice, but whatever floats her dad’s boat. She suspects Susan has more patience than Petra with sad wrecks and maybe that’s what her dad needs right now. Or has always needed. Someone who knows he’s a loser but still loves him.


She can only hope the adorable twin girls inherit their mother’s traits and will grow up to be cool people.


By the end of February they throw a party to celebrate that Sid got a new, pretty good deal as an extra and that Mireia has nailed all her classes so far at the Police Academy. A good reason for celebration, they decide.

Charlie stops by and it’s been ages since they saw each other. Once, Mireia had thought she might have a future with him. He had been her first real love, the first person she ever slept with and presented to her family as a boyfriend.


And while it’s wonderful to see him again, she doesn’t feel that rush of emotion at the sight of him now. He’s still just as good looking, just as charming and clever and funny but she doesn’t want to drag him into her bedroom and kiss him until it dawns outside.


“Hey stranger,” Corbin says when he arrives, a little later than the others.

“You made it!”

“Of course I made it. It’s a party at your place.” He grins. “Those are always great.”

And it that moment, at least for a brief fraction of a second, Mireia can feel that kind of certainty she rarely feels when it comes to her own love life. A certainty that states that this is the guy. This is the one. But she doesn’t want to spend the party analysing her emotions so she pulls him in for a kiss and then gives him a wink.

“Let’s dance!”


So they do. They dance until everyone has left and then she takes Corbin’s hand and closes the door to her bedroom.


Two days after their party, something’s wrong with Sid. Mireia knows it the moment they see each other in the morning, knows it as Sid returns home from work and immediately goes to the bathroom without saying a word, knows it even before she returns out with a home pregnancy test in her hand.

Fuck.” That’s all she’s saying but Mireia can read the display for herself. Pregnant, 3+ weeks.

“Fuck,” she echoes but recovers. “We’ll get you an appointment down at the midwife clinic this week, okay? Whatever you want to do, we’ll fix it. Right?”


Sid nods weakly but feels like a string wired too tight as Mireia wraps her arms around her. “Right.”




  • Sid is sloppy and playful which is why she isn’t on birth control….Also, dammit Dennis how fertile are you? (When I’ve played him before he’s knocked up two semi-NPCs though I gave them morning after pills.)
  • Mireia has no interest in relationships whatsoever right now. She just rolls skill-work-friendship related wants all the time. She rolled the want to be friends with Susan this round adn when I popped into Ben’s household, Petra had the same want. I found it pretty sweet. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The wild hunt

  1. Wow, Dennis is some kind of babymaking machine, obviously! Hopefully Sid will be okay, whatever decision she makes about the baby.

    It’s good to see Mireia still keeping up with Petra and making steps towards getting closer to Susan too. She seems like she’s in a pretty good place in her life right now.

  2. Oh geez! Dennis!! Poor Sid, definitely doesn’t seem in a place to enjoy that positive test. I’m curious what she will end up doing. I am so glad that Mireia rolled the want to be friends with Susan, and Petra too. Susan seems very nice, and I like that the girls are wanting to be friendly with her.

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