Keeping up

Summer 4011
Benjamin Dalisay is 46, Susan Dalisay is 28, Ethel and Edith Dalisay are 10 months
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She’s never been what you’d call lazy.

Not even as a teen, during those years when everything is an effort and feels like a chore, had she been particularly prone to the habit of hanging around doing nothing.


Now with a full-time job and twins, she certainly never gets the chance to even try. It’s a busy year in general with elections coming up next fall and the Greens, her party, is involved in several heavy debates about the future of Barchester – she’s not high-ranking enough to matter to the general public but she is skilled enough to be put in charge of the campaign for 4012. A huge step forward that comes with massive responsibilities and a never-ending workload.


So far so good, but the heat will increase slowly but surely over the next year and Susan does her best to prepare her little family for it. The girls are far too young to understand, but she explains it to them anyway, just for practice.


She knows Ben is proud of her and how career-oriented she is, but she can’t help but wonder if he’ll truly feel the same way in a few months when she’s working late and attending various election-related events during the weekends and evenings.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” he tells her, voice completely calm, and for now at least, Susan decides to believe his sincerity.


One of the consequences of her new position is the huge increase in the number of dinners she makes for various co-workers. Some weeks it seems they rarely have any time to themselves, because she has to discuss work even when she’s home, and figures the easiest way to do it is to throw informal dinner parties for her mentors and assistants.


Ben helps out a great deal though she can tell he’s not exactly having the time of his life, discussing campaign budgets and funding for the Green Party.


Her mentor, Caroline Brink, claims Susan has a bright future ahead of her if she wants to remain in the field of politics – possibly even the kind of future that might involve being elected herself for some position.

Susan isn’t convinced that’s what she wants to do but it feels good to have the option, or that someone at least thinks she might have the option.

Ben likes Caroline as well, finds her easy-going and not as stuck-up as Susan knows he considers a lot of others in the city hall to be. There’s an inferiority complex right there, of course, she isn’t blind to it but she isn’t sure what to do about it, either. So they let it be. Leave it alone.

Whenever she thinks her husband might not get all the references or inside jokes, she tries to explain them to him as she really does want him to feel like he’s an important part of her life.


Caroline is impressed Susan can juggle twins and her job and to be completely honest, so is Susan. She’s never imagined giving up on either but now that she’s living right in the middle of this situation, she can’t help but feel proud that they’re managing.


Naturally it helps a lot that Ben isn’t a career man. That he’s happiest at home with the kids and with her.


He has managed to get a promotion, though, and works as an assistant to a judge – which is similar to what he’s done before. It’s not a fancy job for a man his age, but it’s a job and it helps pay their bills.


He’d worried before he accepted it that Susan would find it embarrassing to have a husband still struggling with such an unqualified position despite their age difference.


She had told him she would find it more awkward if he was making all the money or having all the power, because that would reduce her to a gold digger or a young little thing in need of being taken care of. That, she would be embarrassed about.


Whenever she can, Susan tries to spend some time with Mireia, too. Maybe it should be something that she and Ben do together since Mireia is his daughter, but Susan really enjoys her company as a friend more than a family member.

Now she’s recently moved in with her boyfriend Corbin – which Ben had been thrilled about since he adores the guy – though Susan doesn’t think it has anything to do with more serious plans for the future. It seems to have more to do with the fact that Mireia’s roommate Sid is pregnant and intends to keep the babies. Yes, babies. While Susan shudders just to think about being all alone in the world with newborn twins, Sid is a different type of person and had just shrugged and said that life’s unpredictable.


Mireia doesn’t seem overly shocked by the decision, but she points out that she’s not ready to go there herself. She and Corbin intends to share a flat in order to save as much money as they possibly can in order to start their lives together in a good way. Susan imagines that being raised by Ben who’s never had much money to offer has made its mark on his eldest.


Some days, Mireia takes her to the nearby pool, saying that if Susan claims to be too busy for a day at the beach, at least they can have an hour at the public pool.


It’s a great idea, of course.


A great idea and quite possibly just what Susan needs the most.



* Ben, what the heck is wrong with you, man? When will your midlife crisis end?

* I keep having crashes when I load or exit lots, never during gameplay. It happens when I’ve switched between lots/subhoods more than, say, 10 times and there’s no particular lot that is bugged, the crashes seem to be related to the loading process.  Even after all these years as a simmer, I find it hard to know what to do to solve the issues that always happens with EA games. Is my hood corrupted already? All this has made me play Sims 4 in the evenings when I just want to have fun, not solve tech crap. 😦


One thought on “Keeping up

  1. Oh no, sorry that you are still having crashing issues. It’s hard to say why you have crashing, at least in the comments section! I highly suggest posting about it at N99, there is even a problem section within the TS2 area. There are quite a few that are helpful with this, and Kiri is pretty much a genius with these things, she can even read the logs, which can sometimes lend a light on the issue.

    As for the update, how great Susan and Mireia are close like friends. I think in this situation, that would be the best approach… but geez Ben!! What is with the wants!! Mid-ilfe crisis I’d say! I just looked at his profile to see his aspiration, and I’m totally shocked that he’s a family sim! I mean, he has enough kids for sure to make that aspiration make sense, but all the cheating. Wow.

    Susan is definitely a driven woman, and these two seem on opposite spectrum when it comes to careers. I’m curious how it will work as she gets higher up in the position. I can’t wait until the Ethel and Enid have their birthdays, I’m curious who they will take after.

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