Anything but ordinary

Autumn 4011
Thom Hiller is 34, Kiera Hiller is 35, Rhys and Ella Hiller are 4, Ruby Hiller is 2
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Life is going really well at the moment.


Their farm is doing well, really well even ever since Thom added fish to the produce they’re selling. It’s not something Kiera had counted on when she moved out here to live with Thom – she had more or less expected farming to be a constant struggle – so every autumn when they go through their finances to find that they’re making money, she feels pleasantly surprised.


For the time being most extra funds go into renovating their second floor which has been an attic for at least 15 years now and still looks like one except for the rooms they’ve already started to fix up. So far they’ve made a bedroom for Rhys and Ella with proper big kid beds as their fifth birthdays are coming up.


They’ve also poured a lot of money into renovating one of the bathrooms upstairs and she knows Thom is particularly pleased with that. The floor has heating and he keeps rambling about how wonderful it will feel in the winter when they walk into that bathroom barefoot to find the tiles all pre-heated for them.

As for Kiera, she is mostly looking forward to getting started on smashing down one of the walls downstairs, doubling the size of their kitchen and allowing them to eat there instead of crowding the tiny living room with a kitchen table and five chairs.


They’ve also got their family life under control at the moment. Life with three children is busy but perfectly doable for them and Kiera feels secure in that knowledge. She’s longing for another baby and she knows Thom feels the same though they haven’t really had time to sit down and decide when they will start trying again. Four children might seem like a lot to most people but she can actually imagine having five.

There’s something so infintely rewarding in having children that she would never fully be able to express to someone, something that just makes her feel complete in an almost uncanny way. And unlike her friends, like Sarah, she doesn’t have that perfect number she feels is the right one. Kiera could just keep going, even if she won’t, because she’s not completely crazy.

But emotionally she could probably wrap her heart around ten kids, without problem.

It’s been a completely different thing, raising Ruby compared to the twins.

She’s much wilder, for starters. While the twins could usually be found playing together or apart in one of the downstairs rooms of the house, you can never be sure where you will find Ruby once you start looking.

Typically she’s outdoors, being a lover of mud and grass and everything that makes you wet and dirty. And being a fan, Kiera suspects, of sneaking out because she always giggles and schreeches of joy when the rest of them go around looking for her and calling out her name.


“So,” Thom announces the night before her birthay. “I’d like to take you out for dinner tomorrow. Clara has agreed to babysit.”

Kiera looks up from her novel and grins. “Clara? Really?”

“She has her moments,” Thom smiles back at her. “They’re not that many, so we’d better accept it before she changes her mind.”

So the following night they dress up – far too much for a Sushi place, but there’s just something so wonderful about wearing formal wear when you normally wear sweatpants and t-shirts with food stains on them.

It feels like a rare luxury to sit down in peace and quiet and just talk, as well. She loves their family dinners at home but there’s no denying those are usually mostly about trying to get Rhys and Ella to eat even if the food has the “wrong colour” and to prevent Ruby from adopting too many of her older siblings’ opinions about what they’re eating.

It proves to be the very moment when they finally have time to discuss that new baby they both want, as well.

“Whenever you feel ready, I’m ready,” Thom tells her.

So they toast to both Kiera’s 34th birthday and their future, which will hopefully contain at least one more little baby.

It’s been a good year – but a busy one, full of hard work and most of their free time spent upstairs with wallpaper and paint, trying to hurry up and get their house in if not mint so at least acceptable condition. So they take some extra time this afternoon to just be silly and happy and dance to the elevator music in the restraurant, while grinning like lovesick teenagers.

Part of her still feels pretty lovesick when she looks at her husband and she thinks that she will try to remember how lucky she is to feel that way, even after several years and three children.

They’re finished at the restaurant very early – another consequence of having toddlers in the house, you never eat dinner late and think 8 PM is late at night – and Kiera regrets taking the car since the weather would have allowed for a nice, long stroll back home.

But then again, Thom reminds her, a car can be put to other uses as well.



* My crashing issues seem to be gone after days of cleaning and poking around. I’m a bit of a cynic in this regard however, so I’ve extracted the sims with SimsPE in order to recreate them, should the hood crash and burn for real. It’s a step I really don’t want to take, of course, but still. 

* This farm is going surprisingly well and I love renovating and decorating their lot whenever they get some money to spare, feels like RL. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Anything but ordinary

  1. The fun of playing the farm really shines through in this post. As for baby #4, cars, in my experience, are an efficient place to try for babies. Kudos to Kiera for feeling she can have enough to give five children; my RL limit was three. And Ruby is going to be fun to follow, I like her rambunctiousness. It’s so true, you can have a few kids that are relatively compliant, and then along comes a Ruby. My first daughter, who is now 21, was my Ruby.

  2. Love that they are fixing up the house and the shot of the attic and tools was great too. I’m so excited for them to have a fourth! I think she’s really cut out for it, and the family is so fun and busy with all the tykes. The farm looks great, and fish is a great thing to sell! I can see why it’s going so well, and why she’s always cautious that it won’t.

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