What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4011)

Autumn 4011


Ethel Dalisay celebrates her very first birthday this fall.


She’s a happy, messy little girl who just learned to walk and now runs around like a tornado in her home.


Greatly assisted by her twin sister Enid, of course. Parents Ben and Susan Dalisay have their hands full, for sure.


Mireia Dalisay’s roommate Sid Sanderson had an unpexted turn of events earlier this year when she found out she was pregnant after a sloppy night with one of her less-than-serious boyfriends. She has decided to keep the babies – yes, it’s twins – and raise them on her own. She’s due in late December.


Since Petra and her new husband Rutger Lind both are old in terms of baby making, they decided to waste no time in trying to have a family of their own once they got married. Petra is now pregnant, much to their joy, and due in August.

She’s been very tired and suffered from heavy morning sickness this time around, but can’t wait to meet her new family member.


2 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4011)

  1. The twins are adorable, and totally take after Ben, at least to my eye! They also look really quite identical at this age, just a few differences here and there, I would have the worst time telling them apart in my game. I am super excited for Petra, I wish her and Rutger great happiness, after that cheating ex of hers! Looking at you Ben!! I still can’t believe that Sid is having twins!! That is going to be a handful for sure! The nursery looks great though, and she seems pretty relaxed with the surprise.

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