What a day for a birthday (Winter 4012)

Winter 40114012

The Hillers kick off the new year by celebrating two birthdays – one for Rhys Hiller who turns 5.

And one for his twin sister Ella.

They’ll start school together with Novak Dalisay who is next in turn when it comes to celebrating their fifth birthday.

Last but not least – Christopher Cousland turns 5 as well and looks forward to not being left behind at home when his sisters are off to school.

Sarah and Michael Smith were thrilled to add a little boy to their family last year.

Now Riley Smith is a big, happy one-year-old. He takes after both his parents unlike sister Zoey who is a carbon copy of her mother.


August Wester graduates from Barchester High this January and is now 18 and officially an adult. He didn’t get into college but has some plans of his own and tries not to feel too disappointed.

August’s girlfriend Jean Cox on the other hand got into Barchester University on a football scholarship and will be spending the next four years studying economy and mathematics while she focuses on her future as a professional football player.

Sonia “Sid” Sanderson is due with her twins and she gives birth with her best friend Mireia Dalisay by her side at the hospital.


She calls them Oberon and Hermia and jokes that hey, no one was there to stop her, so of course she gave them Shakespearian names!


* Riley KILLS ME with the cuteness.

* Sonia Sanderson is going to be one of my few semi-playable NPCs in this hood so I’m excited to see her twins grow up. Dennis is not a pretty guy but he might provide interesting genetics all the same. 😀



4 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Winter 4012)

  1. While I agree that Riley is totally adorable, I can’t stop from scrolling up to check out August again and again! He is quite good looking! I’m curious how things will go for him and Jean with her away at college. At least they are both adults, and can see each other when they get the time/whim. Love Sid’s names, and the reason why! She’s a handful, and so fun to watch. Novak definitely reminds me of Mireia, very cute!

  2. Sooo many adorable children but especially Riley! He just has the most cherubic little face!

    I can’t wait to see how August and Jean fare in the adult world. Is August still living at home for the time being?

    And yay, twins! I love that Sid had a boy and a girl – just seems right for her, somehow!

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