Family bliss, take two

Spring 4012
Petra Lind is 39, Rutger Lind is 46, Amara Dalisay is 8, Novak Dalisay is 6
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She had not imagined her life to take quite as many turns as it has over the past couple of years. Getting divorced had been one thing but to be cheated on and then watching her ex-husband from a distance, moving on with his life at the speed of light. It had been a major setback.


Now, she’s not bitter. Not in the slightest, actually. She got another chance at the dream she always dreamed and she is convinced Rutger is the right man for her, for that. Getting married to him had felt different but in a very good way.

Given their age they had never taken for granted that they could get pregnant in the first place and they’re both medical people, know all about the numbers and odds. Still, they had both really wanted to try as soon as possible and ever since she saw that test result one morning in their upstairs bathroom, she has felt like she’s living a dream.

Rutger had told her once he used to want three kids but that he’s adjusted the numbers as he got older and now he is fine with having just the one, if that’s what they can have. If they should be so lucky to become pregnant once more in the future then it’s just a giant bonus. Petra is of the same mind, though she had been satisfied with two until she met a new man she feels somehow that she’s started over in so many other ways that the whole ideal number of children bit is yet another clean slate.

Ben had been family oriented and always talked about expanding theirs, but oddly enough Petra feels that it’s not until Rutger entered their lives that they became a family for real. He’s one of those individuals who seems to never tire of it, the whole daily puzzle with school and food and homework and child raising. Even providing these things for childen who aren’t his own.

He buys a parrot for the kids one weekend and Petra might not be thrilled at first – she doesn’t like pets, finds them tedious and time-consuming – but when she realises how excited both Amara and Novak are she melts and decide he can stay.

They call him Ruben and even Petra has to admit he has his charm.

Rutger has settled just fine into their routines and daily lives, for which she’s extremely grateful. It might not be the ideal to jump into a family where there are kids already, a whole established rhythm with homework and activities and expectations.

She’s not sure she would have wanted a baby with him unless things were working out as well as they are.

Now she feels able to focus on the excitement in having a little one on the way, rather than the fluttering nerves that always seem to be attached to expanding your family. At least for her.

She’s already stopped working and finds it pretty tedious, to be honest. Luckily there’s usually something to do when you have a house  and two kids. She also insists on setting up a small garden despite Rutger’s doubts about either of them having time to tend to it once the baby has arrived.

Petra has always felt grateful her kids seem to be able to play together and this is still true. They’re very different – Novak is an active, not always very considerate kind of child and Amara is more of a calm, creative type – so they frequently clash, of course, but most of the time they actually seem to be content not trying to kill each other.

By the end of spring, Petra is kidnapped for a completely unexpected baby shower. Organised by Josephine who’s expecting herself but claims they’re too old for baby showers unless they’re starting over on a much-deserved path with a much better man.

The guests all bring gifts and Petra sits there with tears in her eyes, wondering how she has manage to make such sweet friends over the past few years.

She thanks Josie at least ten time for doing this in the first place.

“Oh come on, of course. Don’t even mention it.” Josephine shrugs. “You had a terrible time and then you found Rutger. I’m a sap and I think that sort of thing deserves to be celebrated. Besides, you didn’t let us throw a bash for your wedding so this is my revenge.”

Cindy is there, too, reassuring Petra that 2+ children isn’t in fact as hopeless as it might appear.

“Once there’s two of them already another one is barely noticeable. Promise.”

Petra is very touched that Mireia, her ex-stepdaughter, took the time to show up. She’s always taken Petra’s side after the  divorce, even though Petra knows she’s also doing her best to have a good relationship with her father. Though she’s all grown up now, it can’t be easy to have that kind of family life.

Petra and Josie are already planning things they’ll do now when they’re both going to be on maternity leave at the same time. Since they both have a pretty large age gap between their older kids and the newborns they expect to be in a pretty similar boat when it comes to trips and activities.

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Josephine’s husband Timothy is also attending the baby shower, but mostly to grab some ice cream and give a few supportive cheers for Petra. He’s the only one who hasn’t got any kids of his own yet and anyone can tell he’s absolutely thrilled to become a father soon.

And, Petra finds, it’s even easier to be happy for your friends when your own life is back on track and moving in the direction of your dreams.

She has a feeling the future is going to be a good one, for all of them.


* So I haven’t been in a simming mode at all lately. Too much RL baby, other games and sunny weather, I think. But now I’ve almost caught up with my previous play-ahead sessions and written two updates and I can feel the urge to fire up the game return. Got a new computer too, so hopefully Sims 2 will run even more smoothly. 


2 thoughts on “Family bliss, take two

  1. What a cute baby shower. When is she due? I think it’s great that she has such a good relationship with her ex-step-daughter, which I’m not sure what title you would say since a divorce doesn’t seem like it should alter the kid’s roles. Anyhoo…great update.

  2. Best of luck with the new computer, I hope everything works out great for Sims 2. Rutger seems so calm and helpful; it’s ironic that Benjamin was a family sim but cheated on her. And oh, I miss the parrots in Sims 2, they were fun. The shower was terrific, getting to see her friends and Mireia. It’s fun that she and Josephine are not only having babies together again, they’ve both got the age gap to work with.

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