ABC (Barchester Academy update, spring 4012)

Spring 4012

High school students: Atticus Wester, Wendela Savoyh
Elementary school students (ages 8 and up): Janessa Cox, Kirsten Cousland, Imogen Cousland, Jonathan Ceder, Joshua Cox, Amara Dalisay
Elementary school students & pre-schoolers (ages 5-7): Sienna Hansen, Samuel Hansen, Evelyn Cousland, Ella Hiller, Rhys Hiller, Christopher Cousland, Novak Dalisay


It’s all about the future this term for the students of Barchester Academy.

Technically school always is, but this term it’s also the theme for students of all ages.

The high school students have a whole week dedicated to university information and inspiration, something that Atticus Wester and XX find both valuable and a bit stressful.


Atticus listens to his sister Juno’s stories from campus, which makes that kind of future sound both exciting and a bit overwhelming. His brother August on the other hand has started his own business fresh out of high school, which also sounds kind of good whenever Atticus thinks about it.

He does think he wants to get a further education, though.

Wendela considers it, too. Her dads run a barber shop in Barchester City but she has no desire to spend her life doing that, so getting a degree in almost anything sounds more tempting to her.

The middle-schoolers go on a field trip to Barchester’s newly renovated and re-opened hospital at the end of the term.

They get to meet surgeon Melissa Fields who shows them the most amazing machines. Amara Dalisay is all ears, wanting to test them all for herself.

There’s a lot of rules at the hospital, though, and the kids aren’t allowed to run wild and play.


They also meet a regular doctor who explains common procedures to them. Broken bones, for example. And what they do with blood samples.

Janessa Cox doesn’t want to even think about what goes on in a hospital and protests wildly.

But Amara is as interested in blood samples as she is in cool machines. She already plans on discussing all of this with her stepfather Rutger and her mum Petra, both working in the field of medicine.

“It’s not icky, it’s cool,” she tells Janessa who merely shrugs and walks away.

But Amara isn’t alone – most of the children find the hospital fascinating.

All the screens and monitors and x-rays showing actual body parts – what’s not to like?

Some kids prefer other parts of the hospital, however.

They return to school after lunch, full of energy and new ideas for things to play during breaks.

The youngest students have an “open school” afternoon to which all parents are invited.

It’s a chance for parents to participate a little and for the kids to show what they do in class and much appreciated by everyone who attends.


* I recently built a hospital that I wanted to test (more pics in upcoming baby update) so I sent the kids there. 🙂 It’s still mostly undecorated but it’s coming along nicely, I think. 


One thought on “ABC (Barchester Academy update, spring 4012)

  1. Oh, I’m excited to see your new hospital some more! Janessa’s face was so funny, and it is cool to see how excited Amara is about the hospital– is science her main interest? She seems so curious like a natural born scientist.

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