What a day for a birthday (Autumn 4012)

Autumn 4012


Petra Lind had called the hospital the moment she felt contractions – it’s her third time and her other two births have been quick, simple affairs.


Some people have told her that the third time is often the weird one, the one that doesn’t add up, that will surprise you.

She had decided not to listen but here they are almost ten hours after the first contraction and she hasn’t even begun to give birth yet.


She’s impatient and irritable, a gnawing sort of worry in her bones. She just wants the baby to get out of her body, end up safe and sound on the other side and Rutger’s calm excitement doesn’t help at all, she almost wishes he wasn’t even in there with her.

34 hours after her first contraction, Petra gives birth to her second daughter – Antonia Lind.


They return home the following morning with their little baby girl. As a family.


Josephine Jacobsen has waited forever, too. Nearly 3 weeks past her due date she finally feels a change in her low-key signs, an increasing sense of urgency.

And when it finally happens, it happens fast. So fast that Tim feels too stressed out to even think straight and asks Imogen to call for a cab instead of him.


Two hours later, Leonard Jacobsen enters the world.


Kiera and Thom Hiller decided a while ago that they were ready to expand their family once more – this time they had to try for quite a few months, though. Kiera has even begun to think it might never happen again, that she will end up with three children and that she will have to find peace with that thought.

And then, as she takes a pregnancy test just in case, it’s suddenly positive.


She hugs Ruby, their youngest, tight and smiles at her husband.

Kiera Hiller is due early May.


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