What a day for a birthday (Winter 4013)

Winter 4013


Zoey Smith, Sarah and Michael’s firstborn, celebrates her 5th birthday this winter. She’s thrilled about going to school as she’s as curious as they come and full of both questions and long-winded stories.


Hermia and Oberon Sanderson, Sonia’s little accidents, turn 1 this year.


Like their mother, they enjoy dancing and singing and moving around everywhere, all the time. They have already outgrown the small two-bedroom flat that Sonia used to share with Mireia Dalisay, though it’s much better now with Mireia living with her boyfriend Corbin.

Dennis Karlén, long-time resident in Barchester, has finally tied the knot at the age of 48. He’s the father of Imogen Cousland even though he’s been distant in her life and in recent years he’s also fathered the already mentioned twins with Sonia Sanderson.


His heart, however, has been captured by another woman – Beatrice Karlén, 36 years old and an internationally renowned lawyer who’s agreed to marry Dennis despite his history.


The happy couple has bought a home in the outskirts of Barchester where they hope to raise their family. Beatrice, not wasting any time, is already pregnant and have found out that she’s expecting twins. She’s due in the middle of May.


* New round, new resolutions. I’ve decided that I need to shape up my treatment of the npcs and semi-playables and whatnot and from now on they will be included in these kinds of updates.  Dennis is a woohoo-and-baby-making machine and I’m pretty sure I’m going to sterilize him once and for all now, LOL. 


3 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Winter 4013)

  1. Wow, hopefully Dennis can restrict all his woohooing to his wife now? He’s been a busy man, I’m sure.

    The kids are all adorable! Oberon and Hermia look like they’ll cause their mother plenty of mischief and Zoey’s long curls are to die for.

  2. Ha, if you don’t give Dennis a vasectomy you might have trouble finding someone for his kids to marry that’s not related to them. It seems like you’ve had a lot of twins lately!

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