What a day for a birthday (Spring 4013)


It’s Kiera Hiller‘s third pregnancy and fourth child so she’s not as nervous as she remembers being the first time around.

Back then she expected twins, too, so the worry was double for more reasons than one.


This time she mostly worries about being away from the farm for a couple of days, unless everything goes smoothly and she can return home quickly.


Luckily the birth is a perfectly normal one, like most births, and out comes a healthy baby boy. They call him Myles and so far he resembles big sister Ruby the most.


Whatever had made her think two babies in such a short time was going to be a good idea, Josephine kind of regrets the decision now. She’s in her final stretch and feels awful 24/7, especially as the reality of her father’s illness hit her with full force and Leonard is about to enter a stage in his life where he’s old enough to demand much more of her time and attention.


Right now their existence seems to be made up entirely of dirty dishes, sticky floors and sleep deprivation and she can’t wait to finally give birth to her third – and last – baby.


Having a third child hadn’t been a mutual decision for Sarah and Michael Smith and they’ve had a bit of rough patch ever since Sarah found out she was pregnant.


While their current flat is quickly feeling too crowded, they’re not really in a financial situation where moving is an option so they’ll let big brother Riley share a room with the baby when it arrives in a few months. Sarah is happy about the baby while Michael still mostly worries.

NPCs Beatrice and Dennis Karlén who found out early on that they were expecting twins have no finally come to the end of that long road. Their both certain that they will stop at two and welcome the bundles of joy with open arms.

Luke Karlén,


And his twin sister Lillian Karlén.


Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

Edward Cousland, a retired businessman born and raised in Veronaville, passed away on April 15 4013 after a short battle with illness.

He is survived by his wife Ada and their three children Kirsten, Evelyn and Christopher as well as his daughter from a previous marriage – Josephine Jacobsen and her family.


* I’m pretty thrilled about Myles Hiller! They now have two boys and two girls and the genetics have been pretty nice so far. I can see them stop at four, definitely, because the farm is small and I have a lot of build/decorate projects I want to do for it as the fishing/farming money comes in. 🙂
* First elder death in the hood, aww. I really liked Ed. 


2 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Spring 4013)

  1. Aw, RIP Ed. I really liked him too.

    It’s kind of nice to have three new babies come in and somewhat fill his place in the hood though. Circle of life and all that. 😉

  2. Sad on Ed, I was hoping he still had a bit more time left, enough time to at least meet Josephine’s newest addition. Josephine looks great in that outfit, totally fits that sleep deprivation stage, and just trying to survive. Who needs button pants when there is elastic!? 🙂 Excited to see Myles age up, along with the other babies.

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