Time of our lives

Spring 4013
Juno Wester is 21, Jean Cox is 19 
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Juno has become rather good friends with Jean over the past year.

It’s not that strange, of course, since Jean has been dating Juno’s brother since high school and especially since they’ve been living together on campus but it’s during the past few months that they’ve grown truly attached to one another.

They’re not often doing the same things  on campus, though. Apart from endless study sessions and lectures, they spend their days and free hours doing different things, typically not together.

Juno hangs out a lot at the coffeehouse next door, spending far too much money on espresso and cupcakes while either trying to avoid doing schoolwork or cramming frenetically all night.

She hasn’t made a lot of friends during these college years. Everyone said she would, said she would make friends and connections and really start out a brand new way of living and if she thinks too much about it, it stresses her out. Makes her feel like a failure.

Sometimes when she visits August and hangs out in his shop, she definitely feels like the less successful one. So he didn’t make it to uni because of his grades? But he has his own business and he’s making money and was allowed to take a loan to buy his own home. Plus, he’s got a circle of new friends and plenty of people who know him enough to come by his shop.


At least Juno will have excellent grades to show people after she graduates. Grades and a degree.


Jean is already doing what she wants to do once uni is over for her. That’s a special situation, Juno assumes, because she’s with a regular (if low-ranking) football club outside of their uni bubble, while still spending most of her time here with the rest of them. AND she’s training with the campus football team as well.

For someone who isn’t obsessed that sure seems like a lot of physical exercise for one person, but Jean never complains. In fact, when she isn’t working out because she has to she offers to help other students get in shape – they pay her a small sum and she gets to yell at them for being lazy. According to Jean herself, this is a perfect part time job and much better than cleaning beer from the floors in the student pubs.

For her first few months at uni, though, Juno feels pretty certain Jean would have considered a part time job an obstacle, wanting to spend as much time as possible back in Barchester with August.

Things have changed between them. Juno doesn’t ask too much about it because it seems neither August nor Jean is willing to discuss it, at least not with her. Maybe they’re just letting things slide, or hang in there to see what waits down the road or whatever people in long-term relationships say. Juno hasn’t really had one to compare with.

Jean, however, seems fine with the relationship decay.

You can tell she’s been in a relationship since forever, though, because she’s annoyingly unaware of things like how she looks, how others see her and what could be considered flirting – occasionally Juno feels like she talks to and looks at her own boyfriend Dennis in a completely inappropriate manner. But she doesn’t bring it up, it would just be weird.

And it’s not like Juno discusses these things with her brother either. He invites her over for game nights and sometimes a party or an outing.

They both enjoy swimming, so they try to do that once in a while.

She knows August wouldn’t actually start something with someone else as long as he’s officially with Jean – and she’s pretty sure the same goes for Jean.

That doesn’t stop them from hanging out with others, however, and she knows that August has met someone he seems to really like while Jean has been away.

It’s pretty exhausting to think about it all, makes Juno glad she hasn’t got a high school sweetheart to keep track of.

She has David, still.

Some days she isn’t sure how that even happened, how they became one of those well-established campus couples that people seem to know. Not because they know them, but because they know that Juno and David are an item.

It feels pretty odd, but odd in a good way even if they haven’t exactly sat down and discussed their relationship and their future. It’s nice here and now and she has a hard time imagine these past few years without him by her side. He tells her he feels the same way.

But years of doing the same things can also become a bit stale, at least when it comes to partying and socialising on campus. Same people, same places, different days. Jean occasionally invites her uncle over because he’s rarely around when she goes home to visit and because he appears to actually like hanging out with the students and be a guest at their parties.

Uncle Jordan is cool, in Juno’s opinion. He’s not full of lectures and motivational speeches since his own life has been an epic fail so far and she kind of likes that in a grown up. Likes it and fears it, in equal measures.


He’s the kind of grown up who offers them a place to crash when they hit the bars in Barchester City and make small talk about it the following morning. Jean claims her mum would kill them if she knew how often this occurs but Juno rather thinks it’s better and safer for them to go back to his place afterwards rather than trying to catch a train back to campus. Jordan comes to the bus stop to pick them up, even, makes sure they drink lots of water when they return.

One time, Juno is so drunk she can barely walk and he doesn’t nag about it, merely helps her to bed. It’s not a nice experience overall and he can probably tell how embarrassed she is. Her own  mum would never stop ranting, no matter what.

It has become a pretty nice Sunday thing, waking up at Jordan’s place and having lunch with him before they return to their dorm.

He’s a crap cook – claims the only thing he knows how to make from scratch is scrambled eggs – but stocks his fridge with pretty much everything you need the day after a party: carbohydrates and soda.


Jean tells her she might end up living with him in the future, depending on how everything goes with her football and with August – and with Jordan’s life, Juno supposes. All things considered, Juno can imagine far worse things than sharing a flat with uncle Jordan.


* Next round I’m changing my college gameplay/updates and will have every student living in one of two dorms. Pretty much like the rest of you play it, I suppose. 🙂 I’ll do dorm updates rather than individual ones.

* Still having some crashing issues from time to time and it bugs me. I’ve extracted a few pieces of corrupt/bad CC and been fine for a while but then something else is wrong and gaaah. The frustrations of having a Sims hood, I guess.


One thought on “Time of our lives

  1. Urgh, I’m sorry you haven’t completely solved your crashing yet but I’m glad you’ve managed to remove a few bad eggs, at least.

    Have we seen Uncle Jordan before? Fun to have a cool older relative nearby, who won’t get on your back like a parent would.

    Still watching Jean and August. It would be nice if they could get through this period of separation but they do seem to be growing apart. If this is as far as it goes, they’ve done a lot better than a lot of childhood sweethearts.

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