What a day for a birthday (Summer 4013)

Summer 4013

After a turbulent year and an exhausting pregnancy, Josephine Jacobsen finally welcomes her third child into the family.

It’s another little baby boy; they name him Isaac. Timothy is thrilled to have two sons and could easily imagine more children in the future but Josephine is very determined that this was her last pregnancy and their last child.

Isaac’s big brother Leonard just turned 1 and their parents will have a lot to do now with two kids so close in age.

Sarah Smith had not planned for a third child either but is very happy to meet her son Barney.

The whole family is, actually, and he already feels like a part of it, a missing piece.

Antonia Lind, Petra and Rutger’s first child together, celebrates her first birthday, too, at the end of the summer.

Newly weds Vanessa and Vincent Savoyh have just found out Vanessa got pregnant during their honeymoon. She’s due in late March 4014 and they are both very excited to get their family started.


* I’m really pleased with Isaac and Leonard is cuuuute. 🙂 Poor Antonia not so much, LOL.


2 thoughts on “What a day for a birthday (Summer 4013)

  1. Leonard really is very cute! I think Antonia might just need to grow into her face a little bit. The weirdest looking toddlers often make really attractive adult sims. 🙂

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