rebuilding time (oh the joy)

So I’ve had recurring random crashes for a long while and now, even with a fresh restart and pretty much every tip and tool I’ve ever heard of, the hood shows signs of corruption. It doesn’t crash often and it’s definitely playable but I can’t ignore the flashing purple or the blank wants or what have you forever. I took out 10GB of CC when I did the reinstalling and while the sims are all there and the hood seems a lot less doomed than before, I’d still have to pretty much re-decorate every house and do makeovers for every sim.

I’ve decided it’s time for a rebuild. I’ve never actually done one before so this will be interesting.


4 thoughts on “rebuilding time (oh the joy)

  1. Bummer on the rebuild. I hope that it goes smoothly. Starr is a wealth of information for it, she’s doing one herself and posts about it at N99 now and then. I have a few things that I’ve been ignoring, one day I’ll tackle it or rebuild myself. Just hope that it’s not anytime too soon. 😦

  2. Good luck with the rebuild! Before I rebuilt my hood, I was prepared to live with the crashing (wasn’t getting blank wants, that I remember, but probably would have lived with those too) but the pink flashing was something I couldn’t ignore.

  3. So sorry about the rebuild. I know how that goes, I’m in the middle of rebuilding and playing my old hood a bit as well. If you need any help-send me an email starrsim at yahoo dot com

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