January-February birthdays 4014

It’s time to celebrate Ruby Hiller‘s 5th birthday this year!

She’s eager to start school with her older twin siblings Ella and Rhys and no longer stay at home with baby Myles all day.

Janessa Cox turns 12 this year and leaves childhood behind. She’s a social and ambitious girl, wants to study economics in order to have a lucrative career. Having grown up in the council estate-parts of Barchester, she’s keen on having the means to do something else in the future. Mostly she dreams about having a little chain of businesses of her own.

Atticus Wester, youngest of the Wester siblings, is now 18 years old and fresh out of high school. It was never his thing and his grades weren’t enough for any further education. He’s still living with his mother while he figures out what he wants to do with his life.


Atticus sister Juno, on the other hand, has just graduated from Barchester University. She holds a degree in psychology with a minor in pedagogy and will continue to study for the next two years at the Teachers College in Barchester City.


Teaching is her dream for the future and her mother couldn’t be more proud.


Juno is moving in with her younger brother August.

Petra has started showing now and they are both beyond thrilled with the pregnancy. And Antonia who is going to be a big sister in a few months are also happy, though she has no idea what the bump on mommy’s belly truly means, of course.

They are due in mid-July.


Vendela Savoyh has graduated from high school and begun her college studies at Barchester University. She’s planning on becoming a drama major and will live at Thorne Hall with Jean Cox.


Vendela’s brother Vincent is going to be a father soon, for the first time. He and his wife Vanessa are expecting their first child in just a few months now. They’ve prepared the nursery and read all the books, now they just want to meet the little one.

Despite having different ideas about what the future might contain for the two of them, Clara had agreed to try for a baby with Simon, nearly a year ago now. But here they are, celebrating his birthday with no positive pregnancy test in sight. He feels the biological clock in his bones now at 43, feels it like a constant stress and a growing kind of bitterness as he tries to reconcile with the thought that he might remain childless. Clara is 41 in June and that, too, is old when it comes to these matters. Too old, even.


So when she tells him that she’s made an appointment with a fertility clinic, Simon considers it the best birthday present he’s ever had in his life. It’s still no guarantee, but at least with some medical help they might have better chances.

Jordan Cox is 34 in late February and his family takes him out for birthday cake.

Then he gets to put Joanna to bed, which is his favorite thing to do, especially now since he’s moved out of his sister’s crowded house and into a flat of his own. It’s been a bumpy ride for 34 years now but he thinks he might just have settled down recently. And three years of crashing on your big sister’s sofa feel like three years too many. Jordan is determined to build a life for himself now, stay sober and clean and remain focused and hopefully find someone to share the journey with.

Here’s to you, he tells himself when he’s returned home to his own place. Well done.


* I’m a sheep and will follow suite with the monthly birthday/anniversary/checking-in updates. Starting now, as you can see. Pretty thrilled about it actually, since it will give me a chance to show some bits and pieces from the hood. At the moment I don’t really have enough households to do one update for each month (but give me a few sim years LOL) so I’m tweaking this system as we go along. 


2 thoughts on “January-February birthdays 4014

  1. This is awesome! I absolutely love the monthly birthday posts, both for playing personally, and for reading! Excited about Clara visiting a fertility clinic, how are you going to play that out, gameplay wise? Atticus is SO handsome! ❤ Janessa and Ruby are adorable. So many great age-ups! Jordan is doing well, love that he's in his own place, and making his way.

  2. I bet Janessa’s going to be really successful, and it is going to be interesting to see what Atticus decides. Just because he wasn’t crazy about school doesn’t mean he won’t find a great niche somewhere, and I hope he finds something he likes. Best of luck to Jordan as he tries to stay clean, and congrats on the place of his own.

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