June & July birthdays 4014

June 4014

Isaac Jacobsen, Josephine and Timothy’s second child together is now a whole year old! He’s not walking yet but his parents are certain he will, soon.

Another little boy who turns one this summer season is Sarah and Michael Smith‘s third child, Barney Smith:


Like his older siblings Zoey and Riley, he’s a pretty even mix of his parents’ looks.


He was early, Petra Lind‘s fourth child. Three weeks before her due date, Levi popped out to meet the world. He seems to have inherited his father’s looks.

They’re very happy to have been blessed with two children in just a few years, not having taken it for granted in the slightest given their ages. Now that they have four kids in the house – two of them from Petra’s previous marriage – the family feels complete and they both agree that they’re done.

Petra is intent on savoring every last moment this time around but feels no sadness thinking that it’s the last newborn in their lives in a very, very long time.

The transition for the Hansen family has been rough. Extremely rough, even. The couple bought a new house earlier this year after deciding to start living together. Samuel and Sienna haven’t appreciated the move in the slightest, nor the new house and they still tell Emily daily that she’s not their mom. She isn’t, but she’s never claimed to be, either.

Maybe that’s why she’s so relieved when she finally tests positive on one of her pregnancy tests (she’s bought a massive supply, intent on becoming pregnant before the year is over) – at least now she will have some sort of purpose in their family. The twins may still dislike her relationship with their father but he’s going to be the father of her child as well.

The baby will arrive in late March 4015, if things go as planned.

The Hiller farm has been through considerable changes over the years and Thom finally decided last autumn that he’d invest some money into a larger renovation and take the opportunity to finally finish the additions that he’s been eager to make. His parents only had two kids whereas he’s at four now and not certain they’re done yet – they definitely need their space. In a few years time the twins will be pre-teens and he remembers how badly he had wanted a room of his own when he was that age.

“I know this is not a good time to tell you,” Kiera says one day when they’re just about done painting the last unfinished wall outside. “But I’m late. Two weeks late.”

Thom knows by now what that means. His wife is never late for anything and never for her period. They’ve been sloppy with protection with the whole house being packed down in a disorganized mess and he’s certainly not surprised. Or regretful, for that matter.

“We’ll consider it our little surprise then,” he says when a home pregnancy test confirms her suspicions.

Their surprise is due in April 4015.

“I got you something special for your birthday,” Mireia tells him that morning but Corbin thinks she means a book he’d like to read or tickets to see a band. He turns 31, that’s hardly cause for any kind of big celebration.

He doesn’t think she’s all that serious about special; he doesn’t think she means a car.


“Of course we should have a car.” She grins at him and points the keys to the car to unlock it. “Want to go for a ride?”


They’ve been doing pretty well financially lately, what with Mireia finishing up the police academy and him being part of a few lucrative jobs in the marketing industry. Marketing is so far from what he ever thought he’d be doing with his life – he wanted to write literary fiction about people’s innermost secrets or some such drivel – but it’s reasonably fun and it pays the bills. The older he gets, the more he realises that he’d much rather invest in his life outside of work anyway.

“It’s a really nice car,” he admits, laughing. “And I love you.”


“Of course you do. I got you a damn car.”


It’s been an awful year and a half since Ed died.

Bleak and dreary and full of daily worries about money and work and the feeling of not having enough time with the kids. Ed had been with them all of his waking hours and now he’s not and Ada feels like nothing she does can be enough to compensate for that. For him.

But she’s moving forward, bit by bit. Grows a little garden in their new home, pretends that she’ll grow herbs and potatoes there and cook nourishing meals for the kids.

When she turns 45 – an age she doesn’t care for, doesn’t want anything to do with because it feels old when you’re far from the place you want to be, old because it feels time is running out for her – Josephine comes over to take her out to birthday lunch. She always ignores Ada’s protests about things and more often than not, it’s a blessing.

“Of course we’ll go out and celebrate,” she says, simply.

“Next year, promise me you’ll throw a party for yourself.”

Ada shakes her head. “I’m not really a party-”

“Throw a party anyway. For the rest of us.”

Ada makes a vague promise to at least consider it and takes the opportunity to promise herself that she’ll be happier next year, as well.

With the arrival of his little brother Levi, Novak hasn’t had the kind of birthday bash he wanted – a big party or a weekend at an amusement park – but he seems pretty happy anyway with the celebration they do have.

Takeout and cupcakes and quite a few birthday gifts to mark his 7th year. He’s pleased with being the center of attention, too, which is somewhat difficult when you have as many siblings and half-siblings as he does.


* In Barchester 2.0 I’ve moved Petra and Rutger from the cheap-and-rough parts to the thriving middle-class hoods near the hospital where they both work. That area is intended for hospital staff and they’ve got a few subventions to be able to afford a house there. The house (like most of my houses heh) is made by Starrsim over at Apple Valley. When I get around to do lot tours, I’ll show you more.

* New hood, new surprise pregnancies, LOL. Thom and Kiera managed to get pregnant while I was building their lot, which says something about them and their urge for more babies I suppose. 😀 They have adorable offspring though, so I’m quite willing to play along.


2 thoughts on “June & July birthdays 4014

  1. I wonder if Samuel and Sienna might come around on Emily if they end up being very fond of their new sibling? Are my hopes too high, lol?

    That’s not the Widokova Restaurant by Liv at MTS, is it? I put that in my game only an hour ago! I changed the chairs and that’s it – cute little place. It was sweet of Josephine to try to do something a bit special for Ada’s birthday.

    Excited about Thom and Kiera’s baby! I love big families in the game, as big a problem they are for trying to keep your population sensible. It’s just so much fun. 🙂

  2. Thom and Kiera are pretty adorable, and they do have great looking kids! The farm is looking great, and I can understand them needing more space. My McCarthy’s were raised in a tiny farmhouse, and didn’t get it renovated until after most of the kids were gone, so yay for Thom and Keira getting to use the expansion while their kids are still young.

    Novak is a cutie, I hope him and Levi become fast friends when Levi can do a bit more that is. I hope that Samuel and Sienna will welcome the new addition, and find a space for Emily in their family. It’s not easy being them, but I can’t imagine it’s any easier for Emily ether, plus she seems genuine.

    Poor Ada, I’m sure turning 45 when there are still so many things to accomplish makes it even more difficult. Hopefully this next year is more kind to her.

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