My everything: the Dalisay-Olofski wedding

July 4014
Mireia Dalisay is 26, Corbin Olofski is 31


It’s never really been something she’s had vivid dreams about, getting married with pomp and glory and a magnificent dress.

It’s not been part of her lifetime plans, but when Corbin had proposed she had felt that desire anyway, a sudden want to celebrate their big day in fashion.


They rent the Country Club down by the ocean and it’s a perfect day for it. A quiet breeze, a warm sun and a handful of their best friends and family members. She’s increasingly nervous as the morning turns into lunch-time, there’s no denying that. Nervous about the ceremony, about the oaths they are about to swear, about the life ahead of them.

And most of all she’s nervous about what she’s going to tell Corbin once they have a moment alone.

She actually feels calmer once the guests arrive – and there’s a strange soothing notion in watching her family and friends gather around them, one by one.

While they’re not having maids as part of the wedding ceremony, Mireia has asked Susan, Petra, Sonja and Vanessa to be her “unofficial maids” and they’ve obliged, happy to wear the same kind of dress for the reception. Saves me the trouble of picking something out for myself, Petra had said when Mireia mentioned it.

It’s a small ceremony, a rather brief climax to months of planning but she supposes that’s how it goes.

She used to be afraid of this, back in the days. Commitment. Life-altering decisions.

But Corbin had just looked at her and promised her not much would actually change between them if they got married. Told her that they’d still be the same two people, living together and sharing life, just like they already did. It’s a formality, but one he had wanted and made her want, too.

And now they’re husband and wife. The Olofskis. That bit is weird but she’s decided to take his name, not feeling particularly keen on carrying on the Dalisay one after her dad’s many marriages. There are enough Dalisays in Barchester as it is. Of course she hasn’t told him that.

It’s a pretty quiet little party afterwards but that’s the way they wanted it. No fuss. Just fancy dresses and suits and champagne.

Mireia toasts and smiles, toasts and smiles and hopes nobody notices she’s not actually drinking her champagne.

Corbin does notice and so she tells him while they have their first dance together as Mrs and Mr Olofski.

“I’m pregnant,” she whispers, wondering if he’ll think it’s too soon, if it’s too much trouble. Since she found out a few days ago, she’s been prone to thinking those things if only rarely and briefly.

But Corbin just smiles and kisses her.



* I still struggle with weddings, LOL. If you’ve read my River’s Bend blog you know most of my sims got married in secret because I loathe throwing wedding parties. I don’t much care for weddings IRL either, so it makes perfect sense. 🙂 I do enjoy reading about other sims’ weddings however so I’m making an effort here. But this venue didn’t work very well, the guests couldn’t use the tables and everyone kept popping into the kitchen to toast the bride and groom and the father of the bride didn’t even watch the ceremony because he was busy admiring a bloody painting. Shame on you, Ben. So much for your “marry off 6 children” LTW.

* ANYWAY, Mireia got pregnant while the couple woohooed in the car she bought for Corbin for his birthday. LOL. All my recent pregnancies are so classy. She’s due in May. 


4 thoughts on “My everything: the Dalisay-Olofski wedding

  1. Ha, classy conception there 🙂 I liked the little hint at the beginning about when they would be alone, and talk. The venue was so beautiful, as was her dress. Your misgivings about weddings sort of came through- or Mireia’s- such a short ceremony after so much planning. I am in the middle of wedding planning with my daughter’s and even trying to keep it small it is a lot. In RL I’m not terribly into weddings but I do enjoy reading about them in sims, and sometimes, having them in sims. They always seem to have those glitches, though.

  2. Ah, the good old car pregnancy! That’s how Lainey found herself expecting, but in her Dad’s police cruiser. It all makes the stories that much more interesting! I thought the wedding was lovely, and these two are adorable together. I knew that Corbin would be happy with the pregnancy. I’m not a big fan of weddings in real life myself, but enjoy them in the game, and reading about them. The dresses and the scenery were all beautiful, I love the wedding gown! The back of the dress is just stunning!

    I understand the issues with the wedding, and the darn toasting! I put champagne down only when I’m ready to use it, or it drives me batty!

  3. Well, at least the wedding was classy, even if the conception of the baby wasn’t! It was a really beautiful wedding and it suited Mireia and Corbin and the kind of couple they are, I think. I’m glad he’s happy about the baby.

    Ha, I love doing weddings in game but I loathe them in real life. I get this feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach the second I open the invitation. I guess I like weddings as long as I don’t actually have to go?

    And your issue with the champagne is why I never buy it until I’m ready for the toast and why I delete it as soon as that’s done with. I don’t know why it’s programmed to advertise so highly but it drives me nuts.

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