October & November birthdays 4014

Juno Wester and her boyfriend David Cooper found themselves pregnant earlier this year. It has all been a huge surprise but they’ve adjusted to the situation and are now preparing for it.

David had reacted with panic when he first heard the news – so much panic that he ended up kissing another girl – and while Juno most definitely isn’t pleased with that, she’s decided that she needs him along for this ride more than she needs to be angry with him. He’s deeply regretful and wants to make it right, wants them to get married and buy a house somewhere and be a proper family but Juno wants to wait, ride this storm out for a bit.

They’ve put together a nursery in her brother’s house where they both live now and Juno knows it’s not forever, this arrangement. But for now – with August being single and not needing his spare rooms – it’s exactly what they need.

Their little surprise is due in the middle of December, so Juno is approaching the finishing line finally.

*   *   *

Susan Dalisay celebrates both her 31st birthday and that she’s been elected for the State Assembly. She’s always been interested in working more hands-on with politics and this is her chance.

Ben couldn’t be prouder of his wife and with their twins turning five and starting school next year, they’re about to enter a new period in their lives that will allow them both to focus more on their careers.

Of course, if Ben could design their lives entirely to his own liking, they’d be adding a third child to their family, too. Susan is not on board with that idea, however, and he doubts she ever will be.

Instead he’s going to try his very hardest to live here and now and appreciate what they have, rather than what he wants to have. Because they have so much.

*   *   *

Kiera Hiller who’s due with her fifth child in April just wants to sleep this time around.

Her pregnancy goes well and she’s fine, everything looks good, but she’s been floored by the hormonal exhaustion to a much greater extent than with her other children. This is the last one, she thinks to herself when she sneaks under the blankets and catches today’s third nap. This is definitely the last one.
*   *    *

Mireia Dalisay on the other hand feels great. Energetic and excited about just about everything.

At her last check-up the midwife had told her she’s having high blood pressure, though, so she’s been told to rest a lot and Corbin refuses to let her do anything around the house. He’s been decorating the nursery and bought all the necessary (and a few unnecessary) items for the baby. Just in case it arrives earlier. He’s googled high blood pressure during pregnancy and read far too many articles about how it impacts both mother and child and premature birth has become somewhat of an obsession for him.

“I’m fine,” Mireia assures him just about every day.

“And I want you to stay that way,” Corbin replies.

Her due date is May 3rd and they’re both counting the days.

*   *   *

Simon has slept away from home for weeks now, after confessing to Clara that he has cheated on her.

“I need to get some more of my clothes,” he says when he arrives this dreary November afternoon. “And there’s something I have to tell you.”

“Gee, more good news for me, Simon?” Clara’s tone is frosty. Her face is frosty. Everything about her is frozen, held-back fury.

He inhales, counts to ten.

“Ada is pregnant,” he says then, eventually.

She is.

She really, truly is and despite her best intentions – she’s got an appointment at the hospital to have an abortion – it’s not going to be a smooth affair, easily forgotten.

There’s no sensible reason for her to keep the baby. She’s got three children already, she’s a single mom in her forties with no partner and with a mediocre income.

But even so this baby is hers and she’s wanted it since long before it even existed.

Nothing can reason with that.

“She’s having the baby? And what about you?”

Simon clears his throat. “I don’t know,” he says then, truthfully. “I want to help. I want-”

“You want kids,” Clara cuts him off. “Yeah, I get it. I just didn’t think you’d try to have them with other people than me.”

“Clara, I’m so sorry.”

“No, you’re not.”

He frowns. “I am.”

“I bet you’ve already started buying stuffed animals for that bastard kid of yours. You and Ada. What a sad fucking couple you two are!” There’s nothing frozen about her anger now, no emotion held-back in her voice. Simon wants to hold her, comfort her. But it feels too late for that.

Too late for everything.


* I’ve decided to go with the game when it gives me a pregnant sim who seems to throw up/pass out/complain a lot and interpret those things as more or less severe pregnancy pains. Because god knows there are a lot of those. 😀 Miscarriage is my only current pregnancy complication but that’s a rare one and I’m always looking to add more realistic drama to my sims. I’m an evil sim god, can’t even let them have their smooth three day pregnancies in peace. *evil laughter*

* Ada/Simon/Clara is… I don’t even know what that is. It’s all ACR and I’m kind of loving it but man, is it ever daytime telly stuff! 🙂 


7 thoughts on “October & November birthdays 4014

  1. I thought Ada might end up pregnant. I wonder what thier relationship will be like and poor Clara, Ada was one of her few friends. I’m curious about Juno too and am glad that she’s taking it slow after all the drama. Your hood is not short on drama, that’s for sure

  2. ACR can give you some situations that are really crazy and hard to make narrative sense of. I really like the way Simon stood up for his true feelings that he really is sorry even though that doesn’t really matter that much in the long run. I always liked Mireia and I’m excited about her baby. I like the differentiation the game gives in how sims experience their pregnancy and would definitely also write or figure that in to the sim’s story.

  3. This whole Simon/Clara/Ada thing really is right out of a soap opera, isn’t it? And I’m personally loving every minute of it, while simultaneously feeling for everyone stuck in this situation as well. :\

    I’m glad Juno and David have a place to live with the baby now, as unideal as it might be. I think she’s very smart to wait to decide on something as huge as marriage too. See how he copes with fatherhood and being a supportive and involved partner…then maybe talk marriage. 🙂

    • It’s so very very soapy. And entertaining to play, actually. 🙂 Juno’s mum has enough money to give them a decent start when/if they’re going to look into a place of their own later on, so they’re not stuck with August either. For now, with August being single, I like to keep the number of households down. Heh.

  4. Ah! I thought that Ada would get pregnant too, I thought you were about to announce it in the last birthday post, but instead it was Emily losing the baby. This is super fun to read, you’re really making me miss playing my game! David has set up an amazing nursery, I hope things go well for those two. Poor Kiera, all that exhaustion makes it difficult to raise the kids she already has, and I totally feel for Ben. I’d have another kid myself if only.

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