January birthdays 4015

January 4015

This is a big year for Joanna Cox who turns 5 whole years old and will be starting school. She’s her parents’ last child so they’re both a bit sentimental when they think about this fact.

Joanna will be classmates with Ethel Dalisay who also celebrates her fifth birthday.

Together with her twin sister Enid, of course.

Ada Cousland’s firstborn Kirsten Cousland celebrates her 12th birthday this year and is looking forward to be a teenager soon. She’s an outgoing kind of person and enjoys most things social – in the future she dreams of doing what her big sister Josephine Jacobsen and work as a chef.

Kirsten’s cousin Imogen also turns 12. She’s less interested in people than her cousin and more interested in studies and knowledge. Granted, she also looks forward to starting high school.

Jonathan Ceder, Theresa Ceder’s only child, will be joining the Cousland girls in high school.


* Kirsten rolled Romance and Imogen Knowledge. I like all aspirations and think they can fit with any personality so I’m looking forward to my new romance sim here. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “January birthdays 4015

  1. Ethel and Joanna are SO cute! Ethel looks just like her Mama! And I totally agree about Imogen looking like her Dad! So many great age-ups, excited to see what mischief they all get in to.

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