February & March birthdays 4015

Kent Hansen celebrates his 59th birthday a bit differently. When they found out Emily was pregnant again after their miscarriage they decided to get married right away, at the first available date. It had felt like the right thing to do, a good distraction for them both.

When the date they were given turned out to be Kent’s birthday that, too, had felt like a sign.

So far the pregnancy is going well and Emily has asked for regular extra check-ups, mostly to ease her own anxiety.

They opt for a very quiet little ceremony, not interested in celebrations. The important thing is that they have each other and have decided they want to share the rest of their lives.

Martha Wester and Theresa Ceder would like to announce that they’re engaged and intend to move in together at some point. Since Theresa has a 12 year old son still living at home and Martha’s youngest is Atticus who’s a legal adult by now, they weer towards living at Theresa’s place in the future.

Jordan Cox has spent the better part of his life trying to recover from the mistakes he’s made along the way and because of that, he’s very nervous to let anyone inside his messy everyday life. He’s been dating a lot of women on and off ever since he first arrived in Barchester, claiming he, too, wanted to start a new life here. A lot of women and nobody that ever made it past the first dates.

Now he’s met Linda Barthelet and somehow she’s made it inside his defenses. So far, in fact, that he’s letting her meet his family.

That’s a big step for someone who’s always been single and Jordan knows his sister Cindy isn’t the most forgiving judge of character.

Which at least in some ways is a good thing. At least then he can be sure that if Cindy likes Linda, she’s probably a great catch.

Then again, he already knows she is. His sister’s approval or not.


* Didn’t realize how much chest that wedding dress exposed until I took the photos and then I couldn’t be bothered to change it. 🙂 It’s pretty out of character for her but hey.

* Jordan was a ROS once upon a time. “Add someone to your household”. But Cindy’s house is tiny and crowded so I let him live alone last round and will promote him to playable once he’s got a family of his own. He seems to be on his way.  😀


3 thoughts on “February & March birthdays 4015

  1. I hope Martha is careful with Theresa since her track record isn’t the greatest. So glad Jordan has fallen in love 🙂

  2. Oh, I held my breath a little when I saw Emily! I’m glad they had a nice wedding and that the baby is still cooking!

    Have we seen Theresa’s son at all? I guess we will soon enough, if not!

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