April & May birthdays 4015

Thom and Kiera Hiller welcome their fifth child on a rainy spring day. It’s a little boy and they decide to name him Tobin.

Everything goes smoothly and for a brief moment there in the delivery room when everything’s over, Kiera can almost imagine having another child, despite having had a rough pregnancy, but she knows she won’t. Five kids are a lot to handle and they are done. Definitely, finally done.

There’s also a birthday bash this April. It’s little Charlotte Savoyh who turns one and among the guests are very pregnant Mireia.

Being pregnant hasn’t really been her thing – nor her body’s thing, to be honest – and she cannot wait to give birth within a few weeks herself. Being here, hanging out with Charlotte, only emphasizes that.

Charlotte is a delightful little one, of course, and spending time at the birthday bash Mireia becomes even more eager to meet her own child.


It had seemed simple around Christmas, simple and detached and practical. They would be parents together, care for the mistake that neither of them can even call a mistake because it wasn’t, it isn’t. It’s something they both want – a first shot at parenthood for him and a last for her.

And Simon had tried. He really had. Tried hard to be an objective problem solver with the sole aim of making everyone’s life easier.

But then there had been the mental image of Ada. Ada pregnant with his child. Pregnant. With his child.

The world had come to a screeching halt around that very thing, that very image.

Now he’s standing here and he still can’t believe what he’s about to do.

“Do you love her more?” Clara asks when he tells her his intentions, gives her all of his reasons for breaking up the relationship he’s considered the Love of His Life. 

“She needs me more.”

Clara looks at the floor. “That’s not what I’m asking.”

“I know.” He scratches the back of his head, fumbling for words, for control, for some sort of guidance in this horrible mess he’s made for himself. “It’s just… I have to make something right in this.”

“You’re a damned idiot,” Clara says, her mouth in his hair, against the hollow of his throat.

“I know.” He holds her for a long time, wondering if he’ll hold Ada like this, too. If she will let him. Maybe not now, but some day when he’s convinced her they can be a real couple, a real relationship. Mom and dad. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t think you are. Not entirely, at least.”

And she’s right about that.

Selma Cousland is born in the middle of April, with no idea of what’s been happening around her parents and how their lives have morphed and stretched to be able to form a new one, just for her. It’s Ada’s easiest birth, despite her age. Her body knows what to do, it delivers on cue and she remembers to breathe this time. When you do it right, it actually does help.

Part of her is terrified when she returns home from the hospital. She spends the first night in the house wide awake, checking on Selma and pacing the rooms. Back and forth, back and forth. She thinks about Ed, wonders what he would have made of it all. She thinks about the future and what it will be like. Selma’s here now and she seems like she’s always been, the way babies somehow do. It’s part of their magic and Ada is so grateful to the universe that she got to experience that once more.

But she had been overly confident before, back when she had decided that she would do this on her own, that she wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s relationship in order to be happy or have a proper family. Whatever the heck a proper family is, these days. It’s certainly not hers.

She had been overly confident and proud, but Simon comes back.

The second night in the house, he comes back. He had been with her at the hospital, of course, stayed for two nights just like her while Josephine and Petra had handled the kids back home. Simon had been there but they hadn’t talked at all about the whole situation, had been completely and utterly overwhelmed by their newborn daughter.

“I want to be with you,” he says now when he walks up the stairs to her makeshift nursery. The tone of his voice echoes inside her chest that suddenly feels hollow with longing. For him? She’s not sure, but sure enough. Possibly. “We’re a family.”

*  *  *

After her miscarriage, Emily Hansen has been having a pretty nervous pregnancy so far. She’s very tired, still very nauseous and most days she’s more dead than alive. Or so it seems.

When they go into the ER because of early contractions – much too early, Emily feels like she can’t even breathe for the whole ride there – the doctor discovers that she’s not only still pregnant but pregnant with twins.

After their struggle to become parents, both Emily and Kent feel like they couldn’t be more blessed.

Terrified, but blessed.

*   *   *

Mireia Dalisay has had a rocky pregnancy and got a scheduled date for a C-section way back in her second trimester. But the baby had other plans.

1,5 week before the appointment she decided to make her way out to see the world. So instead of surgery, Mireia had a quick and not very smooth delivery at the hospital. She had been suffering from high blood-pressure and an assortment of other things for months and her body needed almost a whole week of hospital stay to recover, but then, almost at her due date, Mireia returned home with her newborn daughter – Silvia Rose Olofski.

Corbin, who’s worried himself sick for the last few months, is incredibly happy to have them both home again.  And head over heels in love with his baby, of course.

For Mireia who’s a physically active person with a physical job, the adjustment to motherhood will likely take some time and be full of minor setbacks, but for now she’s very satisfied in her baby bubble and intends to remain there for quite some time yet.


* Emily almost lost the babies during the pregnancy update check-up pre-term contractions and for the whole play session afterwards, she was constantly on the verge of some kind of need failure. One of the rockiest sim pregnancies I’ve ever had, I think.  At least this way it makes even more sense that she’s expecting twins. 🙂


4 thoughts on “April & May birthdays 4015

  1. I didn’t expect that for Ada, I wonder how long they will last. Lots of new babies though. Oh I really hope Emily is able to go to term

  2. Ha, are you taking permanent measures with Thom and Kiera now that they have five? I considered it with Nick and Sarah, but then I realised their household is literally too full for her to get pregnant again! By the time a space frees up, she’ll be too old.

    I think it was nice that Simon managed to break that news to Clara in relatively undramatic fashion (no guarantee it will stay undramatic, but still). I *hope* he and Ada can make a go of things now and that they’ll be happy with the decision.

    I was so scared for Emily for a minute there – I’m relieved she’s okay and that the babies are also okay! Those pre-term contractions always terrify me!

    Oh, I love the name Silvia – sometimes wish I’d used that spelling for my Sylvia! And yay for Mireia not being pregnant any more!

  3. Congrats to Thom and Kiera, five is a lot of children! Poor Clara, what a mess everything has been. At least it seems relatively solved just as Selma arrived.

    Silvia is a great name for Mireia, all those i’s, just like her Mama. I’m sure she can’t get wait to get back out there, but I’m glad that she’s happy with Silvia being here, and seeming to warm up to babyhood.

    I’m beyond relieved for Emily, yikes! Twins will be exciting, now she has to rest and take care of herself.

  4. So many pregnancies! I knew there were a lot of babies on their way in Barchester, but still! Do you find Thom and Kiera’s house difficult to play? It really depends on the family, but five is a lot of kids to manage!

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